To what extent was the US a decisive factor in Japan econ,,

To what extent was the US a decisive factor in Japan econ. development in the period 1945-2000

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    introduction:after the WWII, Japan was put under the rule of US's SCAP until 1952.... and after the war, the economic of Japan started to grow in a very fast speed, even after the Oil Crisis in 1973. and Japan finally sucess to become the world second economic power, just after US, in 2000, which is know as the "economic milrical". and to a very large extent, the US a decisive factor in Japan econ. development, in the period 1945-2000.

    Body: (classify into to period---1945-1952(signing of Treaty of S.F.) and 1952-2000(post SCAP period))

    1945-1952(SCAP period) affecting Japanese economy in a more direct way:

    negatively(mainly before 1949, the establishment of PRC):1. ask Japan to pay compansation, 2. forced Japan to destroy machines

    ----it increase the burden of Japan's economic recovery and lower her efficiency of production

    positively:1.set new constitution , the Sowa Constitution(which prohibited Japan to start war forever, this limited her economic berdern on military use)

    2. agriculture reform, passed a Farm Land Refom Law and introduce new farming techniques (rised Japan's argricultural products)

    3. anti-monopoly polices, passing a Deconcentration Law (speed up different kinds of economic activities and attracted investmen in Japan)

    4.stabilizing Japanese economy, e.g. supply raw materials to Japan, introduce the Nine Principles to Stabilize Economy,passing Dodge Plan, supplying loans

    5.Education policy, with passing a Basic Eduation Law, there are 9-year-free education in Japan(this ensure a skilled labour in Japan and rise her econmic productivity)

    6.birth control policy, like legalize abortion(minimize the health burdern of the Japanese Government budget, the she could thus focus on economic production and recovery)

    7.special procument of Korean War(1950-1953), which many US soldiers stay and live in Japan that time(this rise the foreign exchange reserves of Japan)

    1953-2000(post-SCAP period)affecting Japanese economy in a more indirect way:


    1. help Japan to sign the Treaty of San Franciso, as Japan need of "compansate" to the Southeast Asian countries interms of investment and labour supply, this help Japan alot in entering the SE Asian's macket

    2. helping Japanese industry, like supplying raw materials, introducing new technology,and buy most of the Japanese industrial exports

    3.signed a Mutural Security Pact with Japan, which Japan almost have no self-army, and US will sent army to protect her(this help alot for minimizing the minlitary burdern of Japanese Government on minlitary, and she could thus focus more on speeding up the economic development.)

    4.special procument of Vietnam war(1961-1973---US withdrew in 1973, the war ended in 1975), rise the Japanese foreign exchange reserve

    "however, the fast econmic development of Japan also depenced on the work of the Japanese Government herself (e.g.emphasis on high school education, setting up EPA, MITI to lead Japanese economic developement, joining World Bank and WTO, passing the Income Doubling Plan, etc),someone would than argue that the factor of US was indeed not that decisive. However, i disagree"Because: US was playing the role of building a base for the Japanese economic development, US was the one who stabilize the Japanese economy after the war. also, without the help of US, the economic policies of Japanese Government would not be able to implement that the question again:US is ..)

    conclusion: Japanese economy grow very fast after the end of WWII, and US was, in a very large extent, a decisive factor in Japan econ. development in the period 1945-2000, in terms of introducing new economic policies directly in the period of 1945-1952 and helping Japan to recover indirectly in the period of 1953-2000....


    you better rewrite the intro and conclution again, cause i just rushed them

    Source(s): p.219-227
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