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CHI asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

^o^y 商用英文 中翻英

以下2題是商用英文的中文 (b_d)

有沒有人會翻成英文呢? p(^o^)q

我還附了中文單字的英文喔 ~^o^~

但不曉得是否為正確 (>﹏<)









通知 advice

發票 invoice

威爾遜 Wilson

總統 president

承運 shipper

貨櫃 container ship

雜貨 general cargo

抵達 reach

海關 custom

檢驗 check ; inspection

發覺 discover

瑕疵品 lemon

附上 to enclose

檢驗報告書 Examination report

參考 reference ; refer to


數量 quantity

組 suit

運動器材 Movement equipment

發現 to discover

短缺 deficiency ; crunch

提出 advance ; claim ; to bring up

索賠 claim

認為 to think ; to consider

貨運公司 Freight transportation company

錯誤 a mistake ; a fault

查證 to check

為感(感謝) to appreciate

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    Please be noted that our order No.505/your invoice No.6071 of one container general cargo which was shipped by Wilson already arrived our customs last week. We checked it upon her arrival and found lots of products damaged. Here enclosed one copy of inspectation certification for your reference.




    While inspecting the order No.600 of 2000 sets of sport equipments, we found the shortage of 20 sets.

    We already claimed it to the shipping company, yet they deemed it as the faculty of the freight transportation company. Please help us to check it out. Your kind assistance will be highly appreciated.

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  • 靜靜
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    1 decade ago

    1.Notify sincerely, cabinet company invoice 6071, the order of our company the 505th, by American president Wilson the container sundries of the ㄧ of luck that number accept,have already arrived in last week.Examine in the maritime customs through our company, discover a few

    minor faults article.Enclose the examination written report ㄧ , ask the reference of your company.

    2.Our company is examining order 600, when the amount is 2,000 set exercise machines, the detection ran short 20 sets.Our company has already put forward claim toward the ship company, but they think to is the mistake of freight transportation company, please help

    the busy identification is a feeling.


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