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In a color printer, while printing how does it separate different colors?

The color is mixed with each other but while printing, they are different .

How does it happen?

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    In a color ink jet printer, even if the color cartridge is one physical catridge, there are three separate ink tanks inside that for magenta, one for cyan, and one for yellow. They are already separated. The color printer then combines each color (by spraying them on the paper in different levels) to form your color printout. This is all done electronically through the ink cartridge's print head (or your printer's print head). The printer can control each color and apply each to the paper in a varying amount.

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    even however CMYK is used for printing ordinarily, theres a large distinction in what profile is used in changing RGB to CMYK. color Profiles (ICC, etc.) determine the colour output of the printer because of the fact it limits the ink density in accordance to substrate/cloth used. lots of circumstances RGB information are greater advantageous because of the fact the printing employer makes use of the colour profile that got here with the printer, rather of adjusting it your self making use of SWOP coated or something else. RGB will additionally enable different printers including 8 color printer or 12 color printer to apply the particular inks, considering that's previous CMYK printing. in case you deliver a CMYK record to an 8 color printer, the RIP utility will convert it decrease back to RGB lower back and convert it making use of their profile. identity decide for RGB record.

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    normally achieved through a 4 color machine using 4 colours yellow red blue and black ,however it can be done by a 2 color or one color but greater experience is needed. if an example of the print is taken say red and yellow ,solid red solid yellow produces orange however if the either one of these colours is broken down by useing dots say the yellow red becomes more predomenant the smaller the dot the less colour it will reflect in essence it is a reflection of light the black is used to highlight those areas in a 4 color pic that cannot be achieved by using the remaining colours red yellow blue which in essence make black according to the colour spectrum

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    Printer colours usually comes in RGB or CMYK. Signals are already separated by ur computer. The values are sent to your printer that process how much of which colours are needed and then they print.

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