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What do you think of the 1964 Ford Thunderbird? Are they any good?

I saw a Ford Thunderbird for sale for $6,500, I think its a 1964, if not its around the 60's. What do you thuink about it, is it worth $6,500? Do they have any muscle, and whats the average engine they were built with?


It's in really good condition, no dents at all, And the paint looks brand new, it's red.

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    I am not much into Thunderbirds other than the 55-57 years. I will tell you what I do know. The '64-'66 was the fourth body styling. So you should be able to tell it apart from the earlier and later styles by general shape of things. The '64 was the first car produced with the ' Silent-Flo', the first flow-through ventilation system with the exception being the Mercedes limited production Gullwing 300Sl in 1954. This body style brought sales up over the past models, 60'552 hardtops, 22'715 Landau hardtops, 9'168 convertibles. Unfortunately, they dropped the 'M-series v-8 ' which had the high compression heads and the 3x2 carb set-up in the '64- '66 models. The '64 had little or no muscle as far as I am concerned. It was built more for class and style of the day. I personally am not into them, but they seem to have a large following and collectors pay dearly for them. Engines, I would say the 352 or the 390, but not the 390HP, they were never installed in the 'T-Bird'. Is it worth $6'500??? That is something only someone who has seen it can tell you. If its is in pretty reasonable shape, not a lot missing, most importantly on Fords is the drive line. It is a collector, so I would say it is probably worth it.

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