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Larry Hughes?

Larry Hughes will make 15,395,000 this year. What is he doing to earn that kind of cash ? And after watching him in the first 2 games of this series does it turn your stomach?

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    I agree. he was one of acquisistions when the Cavs went free agent crazy trying to get any kind of help they could, Donyell Marshall was another one of thier over-paid pieces.

    Hughes is a good player on the wrong team. he was the guy that filled James' roll on the WIzards.

    Arenas drove, and shot from the outside, while Hughes was thier main slasher.

    it was a dumb pickup for the Cavs. they just wanted anyone with some talent, and couldn't get Michael Redd. but he's a slasher playing a shooters role on this team.

    definetely not worth the money to the Cavs, but could be a solid addition to a team like the Mavs who need that type of player.

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    the problem with Cleveland now is they gave all-star money to 3rd or fourth option players. Larry Hughes is fine when all he has to worry about is playing defense. He may even put down a few easy shots now and then, but if he has to be depended on as a playmaker or a number two option on offense, then he becomes severly ineffective. That's why he was successful in Washington, becuase he wasn't the go-to guy.

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    It is unreal that amount of money people make in the NBA, but when he was with the Wizards he was a very good player. He has had a tough 2 seasons, I mean he broke his hand and was out for a while and his brother died. I am sure he didn't put much work in this past summer, and it's showing up now.

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    Although he IS playing great defense, he needs to do a LOT more scoring.

    At first glance, I thought, "How can you miss a shot that close?"

    But after seeing the replay, it was a difficult shot. He was fading away... Still a VERY makeable shot.

    They need to get one of the starts that are coming up free agents this summer. i.e. Keving Garnett, Jermaine O'Neal, Jason Kidd.

    I think that could get them over the hump.

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    I think he is good...just not good enough against the pistons...defense wins championships... especially when the other team can't make a bucket with 3 players not making the shots...

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    Replaced After the season for JKidd!! Don't worry!!

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    he should buy magic johnson's instructional videos.

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