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Why do the Pittsburgh Pirates suck so bad?

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    Top to bottom, they are a horrible organization. And I'm a die-hard Buccos fan.

    Ownership is willing to spend basically enough money to not TOTALLY look like they don't care about winning, but as little as possible. If they win, that's great, if not, no big deal, at least to the owners.

    To most of the fans, the GM is horrible, and we expect him to get fired every year. But the truth of the matter is that Littlefield is EXACTLY what the ownership wants in a GM. His job isn't to field a competitive team. His job is to make sure he can field a 25 man roster, period. He'll make trades here and there that look good, but those are purely luck most of the time in my opinion. Take a look at the Laroche trade. Now, I'm not going to knock Adam for a horrible start, but come on, he's not the left handed power bat that we need. 30 HR potential? That's a bat, but it's not a power bat. We needed someone to be a serious big bopper. Now, look at the options the Pirates have to back him up. Nady, Doumit, and Eldred can all play first, and Bautista probably could as well. The first two have power potential almost as good as Laroche, and Eldred has considerably more, no matter how much he strikes out (Adam Dunn anyone?). For a team that supposedly wants to rely on their youth, they sure do a bad job of it sometimes. And then what did the Buccos give up? A closer. Not just a closer, but a lefthanded closer. Not just a lefty closer either, a lefty closer who has some pretty hard stuff. And worst yet, a hard throwing, lefty closer who had a 24/24 save record last year. PS - Guys like that don't grow on trees. Salomon Torres is not a guy you want to rely on in save situations. I'll bet by the end of the year, Torres will have cost the team as many wins as Laroche adds to the team with his bat. Then they make trades that actually look ok, until you realize that the player they no longer valued was just screwed up by the coaching staff. How many pitchers have we seen play horrible in the burgh, only to go elsewhere and find success? Nady for Perez looked like an alright trade at the time, but now with a better pitching coach (and probably help from Glavine), Perez is looking more like the starter we saw him be before, and Nady is looking more and more like the servicable right fielder everyone knew him as. No wonder Littlefield drools about him. He's just good enough to keep a starting job...kinda like the organization is just good enough to stay in the majors. Oh my stars! You mean people are just giving away Shawn Chacon and Tony Armas Jr.? We must be lucky today. I think the last trade I would say was seriously good was getting Bay and Perez for Giles. I don't even want to begin talking about how much better the team would be had the ownership and the GM actually made a serious offer to Leyland and had him and his staff on board instead of Tracy. Explain to me how you manage in what was the weakest division in baseball and barely get a winning record? Especially when that team has Eric Gagne at his best. Hmm, look how well the Dodgers have done since he left town.

    Speaking of the coaching staff, well, they just plain stink up the joint. Pitching wise, we've had injury on top of injury with young players, and guys with loads of talent suddenly stink when they play for the Pirates. Not to mention what they do to/with position players. Hey Chris Duffy, I know you were a great leadoff hitter in the minors and you hit for superb average, but we want to change everything about your approach at the plate. Trust us, you won't regret it. Hey Steady Freddy, I know you won the batting title last year after winning a starting spot after the year began, and you were an All Star. And I know that you played some great defense at the hot corner, despite so many folks saying you had no leather. We're going to move you to second though, but don't worry, there's no danger of injury there. You'll be fine. It won't mess up your spring and have you start the year unprepared. Hey Oliver Perez. Listen, we want to tweak your delivery. We know it's worked really great, but that just isn't going to work for us. Same for you Zach. No sense in having you get too good. It might be bad for your...oh who are we kidding. We don't want any of you guys to play too well, otherwise we'll contend and have to pay you better.

    I mean, seriously, they don't WANT to win. How can you expect your players, your extremely young players, how can you expect them to develop as a cohesive unit with a winning attitude when everyone above them is so satisfied with being so subpar? I think the talent abounds in spades, but they have nobody to help pull them together and show them how to win. I mean, our "veteran" pitchers who are supposed to rub off on our young guys suck and haven't ever really been winners, so what exactly are they going to teach? Jack Wilson is I believe our wily old veteran on the field, but he's never had a winning experience at the major league level, so as much as I am a big fan of Jumpin Jack Flash, it's too much to ask of the guy to be the team leader when he doesn't have any experience winning (totally not his fault though, imo).

    Sometimes I feel like with the attitude the organization has taken, we should be glad if our players manage not to embarass themselves while losing.

    And to the guy below, who said Pittsburgh is nasty, I'd have to say it is no dirtier than any other city, and certainly cleaner than many, such as NY, Philadelphia, Detroit, etc. I've lived now in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and I'm beginning to see where the nickname Filthydelphia comes from.

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    It all starts at the top. The GM is responsible for putting the team on the field and he is the one who gets the credit for the successes and the blame for the failures. Dave Littlefield has been a failure. Unless the owners wake up and start making him accountable for the teams lack of success, the team will continue to be mediocre. He has shown no knowledge of talent and has continued to overrate players in trades and free agent signings (or lack thereof).

    Source(s): Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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    The team's ownership does not appear to be committed to winning. They care about putting corporate officers in the field boxes and luxury boxes, and making profits that way. Ask the Chicago Cubs' fans how well simply bringing people to the ballpark, without being committed to winning, works.

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    I think the problem with your team (and other teams in the same position) is that their run like any other business. Their motto is maximum profit, minimum investment. A great way to make money, a bad way to make a winning team.

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    Its very simple really.

    -terrible ownership

    -the worst GM in professional sports

    -horrendous drafting

    -when they stumble upon a good player they trade him away for nothing (Aramis Ramirez and Kenny Lofton for Jose Hernandez, Bobby Hill, and a minor leaguer ring any bells)

    -every pitcher they draft ends up blowing his arm out

    You will find more details on the stuff I said in this article

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    They mirror their city.

    I mean come on... PIttsburgh is NASTY. Black snow, trash everywhere, the place reeks.

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    Because their owners don't care....they're just in it to make money.

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