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幫忙翻譯一下巴><" 甘溫喔~~

因 為 國 王 會要 求 他 的 權 威 被 尊 敬 , 他 忍 受 不 了 人 家 違 背 他 的 意 志 , 這是 一 位 專 制 君 主 !我覺得 人都有某種國王的特質 ,需要被人尊敬 .希望大家聽他的,總是以自己的意見為意見! 這樣的人, 就算得到了全部 , 那有怎麼樣呢? 人要學習著接受和溝通 !不要一昧的要別人都聽你的, 這樣大家久而久之就會不再接近你 ,彼此就有距離感了!這樣對我們自己更沒好處吧! 所以學著聽別人的意見和溝通 ,才是讓人敬畏又佩服的人!


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    Because a King would demand his authority to be respected.

    He can’t bear any disobedience. This is an autocrat.

    I think people have some kind of character just as a King,

    need to be respected, wish to be listened, always consider himself in the right.

    For this kind of person, even if he owns the entire world,

    what difference does it make?

    We should learn acceptance and communication.

    Nobody would like to get close to you as time passes if you always make others to submit themselves. It doesn’t show any advantages to us when the gap appears.

    In conclusion, be the one who learns to listen to others' opinions and

    communications is really commendable and reputable.

    供參考~ 不喜歡不要介意

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