Singapore can, Taiwan cannot

It's about time that we start to have some English questions here.

Why Singapore can but Taiwan can not?

Singapore use English as thier Native Langaue from long time ago.

新加坡 為何有權、有廉、又有能?

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You are welcome to answer this in Chinese.


I just wanna say,

I have been there and miss there.

When they are working and living, everybody speaks English.

[although somtimes it became "Singlish". ]

Update 2:

yeah? thx for answer.

your nationality is Taiwan?

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    Yea it's true... they speak english but it's not proper...

    I think the main point of success to Singapore is their goverment...

    Without goverment, they're nothing...

    They speak English is because they were once a settlement of UK...

    Like Hong Kong... Let's take a look at our goverment in Taiwan...

    Did they do anything that benefits the citizen of Taiwan?

    No... The education sucks ... The security sucks...

    Everything is different from Singapore itself...

    But i also think that singaporeans are too proud of themselves...

    Just bcoz they're singaporean n speak english...

    They look down on foreigners especially the one from China...

    2007-05-25 14:21:41 補充:

    I'm quite impress though... their goverment i mean...

    Source(s): I live in singapore
  • 10 years ago

    how do you know the Taiwanese eduaction sucks

    it sounds like to you Taiwan is inferior to Singapore

    don't you even have a little patriotism in your heart?

    you should pursue for the improvement of Taiwan out the love for this country

    rather than just looking for the shortcomings...duh

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