i cant decide please help!?

ok so theres these 2 girls. i liked one of them for a while now. like a lot. and she used to like me. she broke my heart like 5 times though but sumthin keeps pullin me back to her. last time i saw her i didnt really have feelins for her. but she still hurt me bad. wen i saw her laughin with one of my friends. i couldnt get her outa my mind. i duno if she likes me now though. life without her seems so wrong and empty. and whenever i think of a really nice place i wana go to i just want to go with her. but i dont get to c her very often.

the other girl is a pretty good friend of mine. but only lately iv kinda felt feelins for her. i noe her much better than the other girl but dont find her as attractive. but i do like i wen our eyes meet. shes one of those girls that everyones friends with. shes so easy to talk to though. i see her like everyday. please help! which one do u think i should choose?

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    Okay..You like two girls..One of them treats you badly... as a matter of fact she hurt you at least 5 times..but you keep going back, so she can hurt some more, and so she can laugh at you with your friends..What makes you think she would like you now?

    Now..the other girl likes you..You like her, BUT you don't find her as attractive.. You said you "kind of have feelings for her..but you like it when your eyes meet"..Apparently she has an inner beauty that will last throughout her life..There's an expression..

    "True beauty is not physical..the right person will be looking for the quiet and mild spirit of the heart"

    This is a decision you have to make yourself..Good Luck!

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    If you have that strong feeling for the first girl, ask her out to converse about everything. This way, both of you may end up lovers or, at least, things got clearer between the two of you. Then you can now move to the next level or next step.

    Do not choose the second girl until you are 100% Girl 1 is out of the picture. Do not make girl 2 your fall back.

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    its never easy 2 pick between 2 girl but if ur lookin 4 a relationship witout heart break u gota go 4 the friend but if u look at the other girl and u c that spending jus a second wit her is worth every bit of pain thn u fight 4 her

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    Dude, are you kidding? One chick gives you pain the other gives you butterflies. BUT, she's not as attractive... Man, the outside beauty changes too fast. But an ugly inside last forever. If you are really considering the first chick, you have dependence issues.

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    Neither one. Remain friends with the second girl and lose the first girl, the right one will come along.

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    Why choose? Are they sitting there waiting for you to decide?Why not make them choose?

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    the second one duh!

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