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Jane doe lawsuit?

If a person files a lawsuit as a jane doe. What does that really mean? I know the people being sued would know the identity of the jane doe but are they legally required to keep it secret or is it just that in the record the name isnt said but everywhere else is fair game?


my lawyer has already told me that for my case it is possible to file as a jane doe

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Jane Doe suits usually apply to rape cases and it is to protect the identity of the rape victim so she will not be victimized any further; however, others named in the suit are named.

    Below is an interesting article by a victim that sued as a "Jane Doe" and won her suit against City of Waterbury and two police detectives that further victimized her threatening to jail her for filing a false report (she won $190K), but later on decided to come forward with her story to help other possible victims.

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  • 1 decade ago

    when a doe is named, it is to leave open the possibility of adding more names in a lawsuit. You often see this as "and Does 1 through 10).

    otherwise, it might be used to protect the name of a person as in Roe versus Wade. (Roe is used after Doe).

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