t based on the scientific definition ; has there been a COMMUNIST country in our recent history ?

is there a language and/or contract between ie; political scientist .ie; what is the definition for communism? if it there has not been any communist country in recent history; then how could it loose as the public media claims? is it still insulting and/ or dangerous to call someone a Communist? remember? they are still number one on Ben Ladin's hit list and Khomeini, pinochet, and hundreds more . we helped the terrorists to terrorize the "Communists" . they were sluttered by thousands. Our good old terrorists.

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    Really good question.

    Let's consider the candidates:

    Russia. Now the revolution was conducted by some guys that didn't exactly agree on the details, so after the revolution there were years of bickering and pogroms. But by the 1950's Russia had developed a state that claimed to be communist on the surface, but actually was kind of a good old boy network of apparachiks. Now of course Russia is Syndico Corporate.

    China. China saw the potential of communistic rhetoric as a powerful kick start for the long downtrodden masses. But China's communism put a capitalist front on the international scene... not real communism. Kind of Capito-communism. After all the Chinese invented paper money and banking.. how could communism in its purest state ever be expected to prevail there? It didn't. Modern China is pretty corporate.

    Cuba. Little Island with a powerful strong man. Communist? No... kind of socialist dictatorship.

    All the little watered down versions of Communism that appear in the European nations and the eastern Bloc, pretty much seem dragged along in the international corporate undertow.

    The new world order rises in the Eastern Hemisphere, looming over Shanghai. It will not be Communist or Capitalist... but something very new and unimaginable to a population still clinging to illusions of nationalism.

    I don't think pure communism has ever really sustained itself. It's just an idea.

    Rather like pure capitalism. Hard to find an un compromised version of that as well...

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    No and the communist will be the first to tell you that. All countries ruled by communist were usualy following socialism since thats the first stage toward communism

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    How about North Korea for starters...

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