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One Nation Under God!?

Do you beleive in this? I sure do, and right now most American troops do, but why dont the American people believe.

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    Heck ya I believe in it!!!! If some of you guys knew your history the reason why the pilgrims came here was b/c they wanted to worship God the way they wanted to. And our government and everything they did was Biblical based. Read your history book a little harder guys and then you will know.

    Americans don't believe anymore b/c stupid people decided to take prayer out of our schools, and now they are trying to take God's name out of the Pledge Allegiance. But in the end who is gonna be there for you.......God will. And the Bible isn't a myth. Just b/c you don't see Him doesn't mean He isn't here. Its like saying there isn't air. Just b/c you don't see air doesn't mean it isn't there.

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    Hey, don't get so worried, something like 88% (last time I heard) of Americans describe themselves as being Christian.

    I assume you're talking about the line from the Pledge of Allegiance? I'm not 100% certain, but isn't that like the "In God We Trust" on our money? It's one of those things that people assume has always been there, but was actually just added during one of our many religious revival periods? (I think "In God We Trust" was added in the backlash after the "roaring twenties'. It has NOT always been there.)

    I don't think Christian faith has anything to worry about in this country, but many people (many Christians too) just don't want to see this country turn into a Christian Afghanistan, that's all. It's funny that when we see a nation like that, or Iran, that is run by a religion we can plainly see the danger, but when it's our own country and our own religion, some of us want to run headlong into the exact same abyss, never noticing our folly.

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    I'm betting only the religious troops believe it. If that turns out to be "most," then that's not a huge surprise. Most religious people do believe in God, you know. I bet the religious American civilians believe it, too.

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    I do not consider that atheism is a faith. George Bush made that declaration really awhile in the past, and I have not heard any terrible or confident remark approximately it. It's been typically brushed aside by way of such a lot. Atheists are very most likely residents who vote and who combat in our wars, and move approximately the normal trade of being well men and women. Because one character makes a remark, it does not make it actual and even valued at speakme approximately. What are the pursuits of the atheist? I particularly have no idea the reply to that one, however I do consider that apart from this record, such a lot men and women move approximately their trade on a daily basis with out drama. They do not talk about their devout method or loss of it, and nobody has to understand or care wherein they stand. If "Under God" have been to be taken out of the pledge, or whilst prayer is banned in colleges, or whilst the Ten Commandments can not be displayed, I haven't any drawback. I recognize wherein I stand. I recognize I can pray whilst and wherein I wish to, and nobody has to understand. I recognize I can maintain the Ten Commandments in brain on the grounds that I recognize them by way of middle. No you will take that clear of anybody, and nobody can persuade anyone to suppose anything they decide on to not suppose. I am by no means disgusted by way of what anyone character says, considering that he has a proper to mention it. I admire your concept-upsetting query.

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    No - I believe in God but that's what I love about this country. Even with a statement like that, the people of this country are not forced to believe in one specific god or religion or to believe at all.

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    The American people as a whole don't believe this because there is no American "God." Our country was founded on the principle of freedom of and from religion.

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    The United States wasn't one nation "Under God" until that bit was added to the Pledge in the '50s. It was added to rally Christians against the "godless heathens" of the Soviet Union.

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    I believe in One World Under God!


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    I spent 20 years in the military for my country; I still believe in the slogan.

    Unfortunately, many American people like to stand and shout, "separation of church and state," which, although written,

    is taken out of context for the benefit of the people degrading their citizenship.

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    Just because you believe something doesn't make it so.

    If it's one nation under god why do so many rich americans live in condos protected by armed guards because they are frightened of their fellow citizens?

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