Predict the solubility in water of tetrachloroethylene and ethylene glycol and explain your prediction.?

Ethylene glycol molecules are slightly polar, while tetrachloroethylene molecules are nonpolar. The hydroxyl groups of ethylene glycol can form hydrogen bonds with water, but tetrachloroethylene has no groups capable of hydrogen bonding.

I dont understand chemistry.

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    The general rule for Solubility is quite simply,

    "Like dissolve like"

    Something polar is soluble in something else polar.

    Something non-polar is soluble in something non-polar.

    Something polar is NOT soluble in something non-polar.

    Something non-polar is NOT soluble in something polar.

    Very easy!

    Now since water is very polar, Ethylene glycol should be slightly soluble in water (since it's slightly polar) and Tetrachloroethylene is not soluble in water (since it's non-polar).

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