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Please advice between root canal and extraction of teeth for 2.5 year old kid?

My 2.5 daughter damaged her front tooth and it has turned dirty brown in colour. The gum above the tooth is swollen. I have taken opinion from two child dentists. One advised root canal and other advised extraction. I am confused on what path of treatment I must follow. Appreciate an early response.

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    It has turned dark and the tissue is swollen due to the trauma that has caused the nerve to die in this tooth causing an abscess to develop. With a child this young, it's not a question to be asked unless you‘ve waited too long to have proper treatment preformed. This tooth needs root canal therapy to retain it until its shed by the eruption of her permanent tooth. Years ago when something like this happened, the tooth was extracted and not given a second thought. We know better now.

    This tooth will need to remain functional for quite a few more years; it aids in maintaining the space in the arch for the eruption of the permanent teeth, also in the development of her arch and facial bone growth, which at this age will be going through a lot of growth over the next few years. There is a good possibility that the permanent tooth won’t erupt if this tooth is removed this early.

    The deciduous dentition is there for a reason; to aid in the bone and arch formation, to hold the position or work as a guide for the eruption of the permanent teeth that are forming now but won’t be in for many years. Do get your child out of the pain that this abscess is causing with an antibiotic treatment, and then have the root canal therapy and crown for the child‘s optimal dental health.

    You can have it extracted but your child “will” have years of dental treatment correcting the damage this extraction causes by needing a palatal expander, flap surgery to uncover the permanent tooth and years of orthodontic treatment to pull the tooth in and correct the mal alignment caused to the rest of the teeth. You should also consider that there will be a lot of photos over the next few years without a front tooth and then later with crowded malaligned teeth when the others are shed and the permanent ones erupt. All that can be avoided if you get the correct treatment now by having the root canal and crown procedure completed.

    I would strongly advise having the root canal and crown placed now. The root canals and crowns for deciduous teeth aren’t anything like an adult root canal therapy and crown procedure. This is done all in one visit in under an hour at the most, and is pain free by use of N20, topical anesthetic and local administered anesthetic. The tooth is anesthetized and then opened from the top or occlusal surface, a medicated pellet is placed on the pulp or nerve to disinfect it, once cleaned a medicated filling material is placed and the tooth is prepped and a prefabricated crown is cemented. You should have your child on antibiotics now so that the infection will be under control allowing the anesthetic to work when used.

    I hope that I’ve given you reason to reconsider and discuss this with a pediatric dentist who can address and treat this dental problem and help you to help your child that is in pain, and understand that this will not treat itself or just go away over time. This is a decision that you will need to make and I hope it’s one that will benefit your child and you for all the years to come. Good luck.

    Additional information: As I stated earlier a pedo root canal therapy is very different and much easier on a child than an adult root canal therapy. But, this procedure should also be performed by a pediatric dentist or one who works with only children or very well with them, so that the child will be treated in such as manner that dental phobias or fears will not be a factor in her later years of treatment. Here is a site that will give you the approximate eruption age of all teeth that has information that may also help you with your decision.

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    They called it a root canal, but probably plan on a pulponomy, It is not that big of deal and not as expensive a a root canal., If you have it extracted she will be toothless there until 5 or 6, you need to decide weather you can live with the gap or the discoloration. My granddaughter has discoloration and it doesn't take anything from her appearance

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    Because your daughter will probably have those front teeth for about four to five more years and because they function for cosmetics, phonetics, and chewing, the ideal solution would be to do what it takes to save the tooth.

    Baby root canals are much less involved than "adult" root canals. Small amounts of local anesthesia are fine for children; dosages are based on weight. It sounds like the nerve is already dead if the tooth has changed colour, so probably no pain would be involved, but a root canal could still be a frightening experience for a young child as it involves quite a lot of drilling and a numbing injection.

    If you choose to have the tooth removed, it will be out in a flash with a whiff of N02, you only have a couple of years to wait until her adult teeth come through.

    (Anyway, everyone loves a gap toothed kid :)

    You need to know your daughter and her reactions - most importantly think about how your daughter will cope in the chair, and how this could impact her reaction to the dentist in the future.

    Perhaps better one baby tooth lost now, than thirty of them lost as an adult because she is 'put off' going, or becomes phobic. This does happen.

    She only has a few years until the second teeth come through.

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    Isn't it a baby tooth anyway? Whether it is or not, I would go with the extraction. A two year old is WAY too young to be put through a root canal of a tooth that would eventually fall out on its own anyway. Just have it removed. Another one will grow in eventually.

    But if for some very strange reason that it is already an adult tooth, wish is extremely unlikely, you should still have it removed. A fake tooth can be inserted there when she is older. You wont even be able to tell the difference.

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    NO ONE likes a root canal. Extraction will be much less stressful for her, it only takes a few seconds and some Novocaine. And she won't wind up associating the dentist with pain & an unpleasant experience.

    I slipped in the tub and smacked my mouth on the faucet, breaking a front tooth at age 4. The oral surgeon extracted the tooth, I didn't remember the pain after a day or two. The permanent tooth only has a slight scar from the impact.

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    Usually keeping the child's baby teeth as long as possible is the best option. The adult teeth have proven to rot faster if the baby teeth are removed too early. But it really depends upon how badly damaged the tooth is. If the infection is so deep that it is invading the adult tooth, then extraction would be the best option. If not then I say go for the root canal.

    Good luck.

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    Baby teeth should not get a root canal, that is too much for a child to go through. I would have it extracted for sure. The possibility of rotting her permanent tooth under a root canal is very likely. Getting another opinion wont hurt. Third time is a charm they say.

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    It is best to save baby teeth so they can hold the space for the permanent tooth to come in. If you just pull it the space will close up usually guaranteing braces later and it usually delays the eruption of the permanent tooth. You can have a spacer placed if the tooth is pulled, this helps hold the space, but children usually have trouble, discomfort, and are very difficult to keep clean with children. Usually children can have their little baby root canals and crowns and normally do fine as long as you keep it clean. Usually the only reason children have trouble is b/c their teeth never get flossed. You will probably need to help her floss around the baby crown, it is a good habit to get her into anyways. PS she will never even know she had a root canal.

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    I had a root canal about a year ago and there was barely any pain, having teeth pulled hurt more and longer. they now drill a small hole in the back of the tooth and remove the root. I had 2 teeth done in less than an hour. Most dentist will only pull the tooth if nothing else can be done

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    I would think its up to you, When I was living in Germany , my son had tooth decay due to the lack of fluorides in the water. He had to get minor dental work to bond his teeth. But being a parent i can under stand why you would have the root canal due to appearances.

    It will be a few years before her adult teeth do grow in. I would look at the pros and con's a root canal can be expensive but the fact it is the front tooth it wont be as expensive due to it being a one canal tooth.

    Removing the tooth.. Well its taken care of..

    Just weight it out.. your the mom..

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