Where can I find design ideas for a tattoo?

I want a small tattoo on my ring finger and another one on my lower back (probably on one side, below my waistline). I just don't know what designs I would like. I want something that means something to me. I am VERY happily married and want something on my ring finger having to do with being married or love, etc. On my lower back I am not sure at all. I do know I don't want just a flower or just a heart or something. I want something of significance. Any ideas on what to do or wear I can look online for designs?


I want to add that my lower back tattoo will be BELOW my where my pants waistband is. I must look professional so it will be low enough to never show when I lean over. It really won't be seen by anyone but me and my hubby.

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    well, if you do a search for "tattoo gallery", there will be about a billion different things that will show up, but maybe you should start with something a little more concrete than just "love", because everyone will have something different.

    like maybe you could have him tattoo your wedding ring interlocked with your husband's ring (assuming your rings arent very "plain", otherwise it might be generic looking). maybe something to do with THE PLACE you got married? was it at a certain church? you could get the nicest stained glass window from that church, or if you got married in Los Angeles (city of angels) you could get an Angel holding the two rings?

    rather than looking for designs online, i'd say start with an idea of what you want, ang then head to the tattoo place and have the guy do a sketch for you. if he's worth going to, i bet he'll come up with something cool. and if not, you can just keep looking for another artist.

    good luck!

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    I would'nt choose a design off a site, choose something totally unique an personal to you. I'd never want to walk down a street an see the same design on someone else an it looked better on them or think I wish I'd gone to that artist. It can be addictive once you start. Don't go cheap either, you pay by the hour for quality work an when you think its going to be there for a long time you want the best. Be carefull with green, as its the only color that can't be removed by laser. There is some new tech coming on to the market that does remove all colours, be warned its expensive an just as painfull as a tattoo. Not trying to disscourage you dude, just giving advice. I used to work in a Tattoo studio and I'd say the same to anyone who walked through the door. Hope its of some use.

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    getting a tattoo on a finger is always tricky, and personally I would advise you against it. A friend of mine got a ring tattoo and on the sides of her finger the ink faded because your fingers are always rubbing against each other and the ink will just not stay. Now her ring tat looks really cruddy. Plus while I was with a friend getting a tat a girl came in asking if the tattooist could touch up her ring tat (cause it was fading), which the tattooist told her no way and that the tats always end up looking poor and he could never put his name on anything like that.

    as for the other tattoo, think about the most important things in your life. think about your background your family, what you've learned in life. It's hard to help someone come up with a tattoo idea, looking at some tattoo gallerys online should help but I advise you come up with a basic idea first.

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    If your heart really wants that tat on your ring finger, then get it! As for the other tat idea, the best place to look for any creative ideas is within yourself. What moves you, what has significance that you can relate to, what won't you regret having in 5-10 years. Take your time thinking it up, because a tat is pretty painful and will last forever!

    good luck =)

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    I would advise against a name on your ring finger, however you could look for foriegn languages for beautiful words or expressions and symbols...(i.e. Celtic love knot)

    As for your other one, a tattoo should be a outward reflection of your inner self. Find a symbol that represents you, or has smybolic meaning to you and/or your spouse. I have one on my lower back...it's Chinese symbols...one means "crazy" and one means "talented". But if you do that, research the symbol and make sure that's what it says..and not something else...lol.

    Happy Tattooing!

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    You should probably be thinking of something that has significance to you and your husband. You want something original and something that defines the both of you. Maybe something to two of you both enjoy. I got a tattoo that represents my husband. It's a phoenix (to represent the changes we have gone through) with a nautical star (so we can always find each other). realistically, if we get divorced, i can just tell people i really like phoenixes and nautical stars! Something along those lines. good luck though :) to the above comment, instead of thinking about Angelina Jolie, Think about Jonny Depp. He got a tat that was just Winona's name, and when they divorced, he had the word "sucks" put under it. I don't care who you are, that's hilarious!

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    Just google tattoo's you will be surprised how many sites there are not to mention idea's

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    DO NOT GET A LOWER BACK TATTOO. it seems every woman and their mother has one. even though you may be a beautiful and stand up woman, the stigma with LWBK tattoos is that they are reserved for loose women.

    i respect the ring finger tattoo, maybe a ring of flowers? tattoo shops have books of their work, and knowledge of symbolism, go to a few shops and ask them for their opinion.

    if not google images of ring tattoo and see what comes up.

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    don't look online because then its not something that means anything to you. get one designed just for you. and on your ring finger you should get forever tattooed there. i think it would look cute.

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    I personally like Celtic knotwork; you can get it in black and white or in color; some knots have significant meanings such as love, family, etc

    Depending on your heritage/culture you can look into symbols associated with your heritage or even if you are interested in any type of culture or mythologies there are thousands of symbols full of meaning.

    here's a yahoo link to look at symbols


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