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does population of a country affect the lives of its citizens/residents?

is it true that the population, affects the quality of the lives of its residents?

please justify as well

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    of course it does in many ways...

    If the population is rapidly growing then:

    - The large number of young people have to have services e.g. schools provided for them

    - There are fewer older people, so less money needs to be spent on them

    - There is a relativly small proportion of adults of working age; these people provide the wealth for the services

    There is pressure on the countryside with the extra population to feed; this can result in overgrazing, over cropping and soil erosion

    - People move to the cities to find work; developing countries with rapidly growing populations have the fastest growing cities in the world

    - Shanty towns grow up on the edge of cities; these are self-constructed buildings of poor quality which can lack vital services such as water, electricity and sanitation

    - Some people apply to migrate to developed countries in order to improve their standard of living

    If the population is growing to slowly then:

    - It has an ageing population, so large amounts of money is spent in providing services, e.g. healthcare, for older people

    - As there is fewer young people less money needs to be spent on this age group

    - There could be a shortage of workers in the future, with so few young people

    - Migrants move into the country, often to work in the low paid, low status jobs that would otherwise be difficult to find workers for

    Changing Population growth:

    The steps that have been taken to reduce the problems caused by a rapidly growing population include

    - Education about family planning, with the increased availability of a range of contraceptive methods

    - Extra taxes for parents who have large families

    - Extra benefits for the parents that have only one or two children

    - Raising the age of marriage

    - Increasing the industry and wealth in a country - this allows it to "afford" the increased population

    When a country develops - that is has a higher quality of life, higher standard of living and increased wealth - the birth rate goes down. This is the greatest influence in reducing problems caused by rapid population growth.

    Governments have been concerned when the population of their country is only growing slowly. Indeed some countries, e.g. Hungary and Germany have recently had population decline. The governments have responded by

    - Giving mothers longer paid maternity leave; giving paternity leave to fathers

    - Generous child benefit payments

    - Raising the age of retirement - this increases the workforce and reduces the amount that has to be spent on pensions

    There is just some of the affects the population of a country can cause....... but there are many more.

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    Definitely it does.

    The growing numbers are due to a combination of factors, which include more babies, more immigrants, and longer life spans.

    Unfortunately, such growth is having ill effects on our nation's landscapes and quality of life. For example, more and more people are living alone, which boosts demand to clear natural habitat for new home construction. This results in more people driving alone and commuting longer distances to get to and from work, grocery stores, etc. In turn, this generates more air pollution.

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    Yes, India is a great example. there New Dehli the people use the water for both drinking and for the restroom. as the population gets bigger the fear of disease will spread. Another example is China each year my home country gets hundreds of thousands are born each year. Most are male and seek females and since they are scarce many have become gay.

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    Of course it does, if a population's majority are dumb people then they will end up choosing the wrong leader or president to rule a country, just like America did when they chose George Bush to lead them, seems like the majority of US citizens are dumb and gullible.

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