New Mexico....what is it like to reside there?

If you have lived there,and or are now there..what is it like to live there...and what are the people like there?

etc....tell me what you know ,already..I would love to know!

thank you!

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    New Mexico is a big state and in order to properly answer your question you'd have to specify an area. Eastern New Mexico is predominantly rural and is much more like West Texas in culture and lifestyle. In fact some people call that area "little Texas." Places that make up this area are Roswell, Artesia, Clovis, Hobbs. It really isn't uncommon to see Texas license plates or hear Texan accents coming from people in these places whether they're Hispanic, White, or Black. Northern NM is more Spanish and Native American. When people think of NM they usually think of Albuquerque or Santa Fe which are completely different from the rest of the state. Albuquerque is more more urban. I grew up in Eastern NM and I've lived in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and now Las Cruces and living in each one was a bit of a culture shock. Southern NM is pretty rural too as well as as western NM. NM is alot more diverse than most people think. Like I said it depends on the area. If you drove in any direction a hundred miles you're likely to run into forests, mountains, deserts, or grassy plains.

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    What is New Mexico like? Well let's see. For the good stuff: great scenery although it has to grow on some people. It's desert and plateaus and other things are not immediately beautiful to some. Great place for rock climbing, hiking, four wheeling and other outdoor sports. Oh yeah, and there's the green chiles. Yum!

    Bad side? New Mexico has one of the highest automobile insurance rates in the U.S. thanks to all the drunk drivers.

    I lived in Farmington (boring with a capital B) and Aztec (tiny but cute). Santa Fe and Taos are gorgeous but getting too touristy and expensive. Albuquerque....ghetto. Rio Rancho used to be nice but now it's almost as bad as Albuquerque. Just my opinion.

    Overall, I think NM is a great place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there again.

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    it all desert there

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