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本研究為探討數位學習環境的使用態度及使用行為意向,其議題包括資訊科技的應用以及教育理論,因此除了運用科技接受模型為理論基礎外,將綜合相關的教育理論,來衡量情境感知無所不在學習者的學習態度與使用行為等。本研究沿用科技接受模型中的使用者態度改為學習者態度、使用者行為意向改為學習者行為意向;而中間變數為認知有用性、認知易用性兩因素。對於外部變數,本研究以系統品質、內容品質及環境互動等三個構面來探討,其研究架構如Figure 3所示。

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    This research for inquire into a digital learning the usage attitude of the environment and use a behavior intention.Its subject includes information science and technology of apply and educate theories.Therefore in addition to usage science and technology accepts the model as theories foundation.Will synthesize related education theories.To measure the learning attitude and usage behavior etc. that the scenario feeling knows omnipresent learner。This research follows to accept the user attitude in the model to change to a learner attitude, user behavior's intention to change to a learner behavior intention with science and technology;And middle variable for cognize useful and cognize to use sex two factors easily。For exterior variable.This research inquires into with three factors, such as system quality, content quality and environment interaction...etc.,Its research structure,such as Figure,3 show.

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  • 8 years ago

    倒數第二行的什麼認知易用性兩元素他居然把sex也翻出來了...= =|||


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