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Homeschool verses public school!?

Why are you for or against homeschool or public school?

Why do you think people are more concerned with the socialization than the academics in public schools?


So we should send our kids to school for socialization and prom??

Homeschoolers have many more rescources than known!

Update 2:

I am very sorry for your grief. Please understand that not all denominations are like that! I am an avid critical thinker as I am an analytical person by nature. I cannot help but to incorporate that into my children's education. They will always know "why" they believe something rather than just believing it. If they want to research or debate it then we will, just deepens their faith and knowledge for the most part! It really is an awesome experience, one I never expected!

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    I think the main risk with homeschooling is the brainwashing which can sometimes occur, I am not implying you. If you look in the middle do you think homeschooling works there? The kids are taught to hate anyone who observes a different religion. I do agree our educational system here in the United States is failing and needs to be updated. But I am weary of the potential dangers of homeschooled children who taught to blindly follow their parents teachings. I was raised a Catholic and they Church has caused much harm to me, think of the recent scandels and you get the idea. I was an alter boy who was touched inappropriately by a Priest--Somoeone who should know better! Anyways if you believe it to be superior more power to you, but please teach your children to think objectively and for themselves. :)

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    Really they are hard to compare. Public school is only one form of education, while homeschooling encompasses everything else. The biggest difference though, and I think this applies to all different forms of homeschooling, is that homeschooling generally fits the student better because it gives him/her the oppertunity to study in the way best suited for their learning type. They aren't really alike at all, I mean they are alike to some forms of homeschooling but there is such a wide variety of styles that it is hard to find similarities that apply to all of them. I suppose it's best to stick to the obvious and just try to make it sound smart: both public and home schooling methods have the similar goal of teaching students and preparing them for the future. Good Luck!

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    Home schooled kids have been tested now for about ten years and it has been found that home schooled children have higher grades, better socialization, and academics than public schools. They are not pressured by school society to act, talk, walk, dress, and be like every one else just to be excepted as one of the group. All my kids have been home schooled and do not have all the problems we find in the school system. I know this is not the question you ask but I do have to give at least one example of home schooled kids.

    It does takes a lot of time and patience and only very loving parents can take this effort on. It's not for every one. But the rewards are much greater than public schools.

    Sincerely yours,

    Fred M. Hunter


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    Let's get real...when do you really use all that stuff you learn in school? It is one big weeding out process and it continues into college. Then after all is said and done, the ultimate in success is how well you communicate and interact with people. So, yea, the socialization part is huge!

    In the working world, there are people who can mask their shortcomings with a charming personality. There are jerks that you may have to work with. You may have to work with people of all types......These are all situations that command great social skills.

    This is why I have a difficult time teaching.....I know everyone wants grades and knowledge but it is so much more than that!

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    I was a firm believer of public school up until I witnessed for myself what was happening at my child's school.

    Classrooms were overcrowded, children were rude, cruel and in control. Every lesson was a worksheet, teachers were more concerned with there own career track than the kids and textbooks were torn and obsolete.

    I think socialization is important but when you have children in a school that are craving attention and have no discipline, it makes it a very unsafe environment for everyone.

    I wouldn't recommend home schooling because I believe our children should learn in an academic environment. Home is where children should be stress free and all about family.

    We've put our child into private school. It's expensive but in the long run, our child is happier and will be a more sensitive, respectful and successful adult than if we had kept her in public school.

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    I think it depends on the child. I've seen good on both sides.

    As far as Homeschooling - one on one teaching, able to go year round, create own hours, and learn more information.

    regular school - social learning and building.

    Now homeschoolers go on field trips with other homeschoolers. They also go to regular schools for extra curricular activities (Gym, groups, etc)

    Personally I've seen homeschoolers graduate high school at 16 .. and know more than the students that went to high school.

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    God! I am FOR homeschool ..anyway..they should go to school only once a week....and it is possible because these times..all the parents know hos to help their children learn a little..

    well at least optional homeschool...and the teachers..can go to children..home and teach them..they could make groups..at home..but not school...well i lived in comunism..maybe that's why i don't like school....and is still difficult..i wanted to go to Israel ..and stay there with my daughter because i heard that the teachers respect the children there......

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    people are more concerned with the socialization because they know the public schools are failing to educate kids.

    but the schools are also failing to socialize the kids...

    People against home schooling tend to be:

    1) Politicians who want an excuse to collect more taxes to mis-spend.

    2) Teachers with tenure who shouldn't be allowed near kids but can't be fired because of teacher's unions.

    3) Parents who just want the "free" babysitting service.

    Note that politicians send their kids to private schools... If public schools are so great, WHY?

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    I think it depends on the area u live in. I like the idea of socialing better than homeschooling,but if u live in a high crime zone or a bad area for otehr reasons homeschooling will be better.

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    School is about the whole experience, it is a start to teach our children about socializing , working with others on a grander scale, respecting authority, being part of a team. Without that it inhibits kids a great deal. Unless you are a teacher by degree, teaching your children out of a book at the kitchen table cheats them from really feeling what the world is all about. I know I have two younger children, with the crazy world it is an automatic to want to protect them and keep them close to home, but ultimately they have to learn about the world, the differences in people in the world and you have to hope you taught them the correct way to hold themselves in the real world. Home schooling cheats children of so much. I think in the early years it is fine but what girl doesn't dream about her senior prom? I just think parents choose for the children without thinking of what the kids really want....

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