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Can oral sex cause throat cancer?

I was reading a magazine the other day and I read that oral sex can cause throat cancer because of the HPV virus. Then on the radio today my husband heard the same thing.

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    oral sex per se can't cause throat cancer. however, certain strains of hpv have been linked to oral and throat cancer in both men and women. though not fully tested yet, some are proposing to vaccinate both boys and girls with the new hpv vaccine to combat this.

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    Probably not.... The recent reports about oral sex causing cancer are alarmist. Briefly, the reports suggest a correlation between HPV infection in the throat and throat cancer. We already know that some strains of HPV cause cervical cancer, and given that HPV is spread through sexual contact, some logical doctors decided to ask if HPV infection in the throat would be carcinogenic in the same way that HPV genital infection is. The doctors found a correlation - but it's only a correlation. It will be years before this issue is settled and even if doctors conclude that oral sex transmission of HPV can cause throat cancer, it still wouldn't come near to causing as many cases of throat cancer as smoking does.

    This is a good example of the media blowing something completely out of proportion because it makes for interesting news. I hope this helps.

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    No. Oral sex does not cause throat cancer. However, if the person receiving oral sex has an STD (or STI, if you prefer), such as HPV, than the person preforming oral sex may contract it orally, and HPV has been linked to a number of cancers, including oral cancers, cervical cancer, and penile cancers. Basically, if your partner has no STD's, then there is no risk of cancer because of oral sex, or any other kind of sex.

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    More and more cancers are being attribute partly to viruses. Often media reports are hyped, because throat cancer would be the result of many things (such as drinking fizzy drinks...eg Coca Cola) and genetics.

    Anyway, you have a reason to spit instead of swallow.

    For casual sexual encounters the use of condoms during oral sex is advised.

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    If oral sex cause cancer I would have died 20 years ago!!!

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    I wouldn't worry about it.If it were true ,80% of us would either be dead or soon will be.

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    Ask the doc.

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