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I am going to purchase a yorkshire terrier tomorrow and was wondering about getting him pet insurance.?

I don't quite understand what all of it means and which places cover the best. I want to have everything from shots and boarding covered. Any advice as to which one is the best?

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    Hi meshell1229,

    First, a disclaimer: I work for Embrace Pet Insurance in Cleveland, Ohio.

    I'm glad that you're considering pet insurance, it's the first thing a responsible pet parent takes in making sure her pet is always able to obtain the best veterinary care without regard for cost.

    Let's talk about what pet insurance is. It reimburses you for veterinary bills for accidents and illnesses. Like most types of insurance, pet insurance does not pay 100% of your bill but it can certainly give you a large chunk back depending on what plan you choose. Most pet insurance plans let you visit any veterinarian in the country.

    Let's talk about the expense side of pet insurance. Veterinary care nowadays can be incredibly expensive. Our company just received a claim for nearly $6,000 for a young Labrador puppy that ate string. Despite all the technology and everything available, the vet was unable to save this puppy's life. But the pet parents did everything they could and they did not have to worry about how to pay for it. That is the essence of what pet insurance is about: responsible pet parents get pet insurance, it's the right thing to do for your pet.

    kitty98 had said that you should look into a wellness plan because your puppy is healthy. Well, the problem with this logic is that it presumes that just because everything is great now that it's always going to be that way. You get insurance as a precaution against illness and accidents. Any pet can get sick, just like any person, sometimes without a specific reason. Insurance is there to protect you from just such unexpected events.

    Pet insurance is the one thing you can't buy when you need it the most and having a wellness plan is not necessarily going to stop your pet getting sick although it might help in some cases by identifying problems early.

    You had mentioned that you wanted to have shots and boarding covered. Some pet insurance plans offer routine care coverage for this type of thing but understand that you are no longer buying insurance. Insurance is designed to protect you from unexpected, undesirable, and expensive events and routine care does not fit the bill. If you opt for routine care make sure it is a separate from the insurance and do the math, sometimes it's better to budget the money yourself for routine care.

    Here are some other questions you should ask of any pet insurance company that you talk to:

    1. Does the pet insurance company give you a choice of deductibles, maximums, and copays to design a plan to suit your budget?

    2. Does the plan cover genetic conditions?

    3. Does the plan cover chronic or recurring conditions? So if your pet gets sick in year 1, does it cover the same illness again in year 2?

    4. Does the plan come loaded with coverages that you'll pay for but probably never use, like "Lost & Found" or "Accidental Death"?

    5. What is and is not covered? Is it clearly stated on their website or over the phone?

    6. Does the plan pay claims based on a restrictive benefit schedule or the actual vet bill? You want to avoid benefit schedule plans because they will leave you with a hole in your pocket.

    7. Are there per-incident limits that effectively cap the amount you could receive back? For example, some plans have a $3,000 per-incident limit. If you had a claim for $5,000 with one of these plans then the most you would get back would be $3,000.

    8. How long does the company take to pay claims?

    9. What are the rules around pre-existing conditions? Are they excluded permanently or temporarily?

    Make sure you get good service and don't let anyone hard sell you. You want to feel comfortable with your decision, so take your time and don't be afraid to ask probing questions.

    There are lots of choices of pet insurance plan out there and there's one that's just right for you and your pet.


    Embrace Pet Insurance

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    pet insurance normally cover medical problems and only after a specific deductible. If your puppy is healthy, you may want to consider a wellness plan instead, they are offered at Banfield hospitals. They are a really good deal if you have a Banfield near you, and they may even cover the spay/neuter for free as well. Once he gets older, you can switch to a pet insurance that is more comprehensive for diseases.

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    Pet insurance is a scam, I worked at a pet store for 9 months and it's really only for people who have a lot of pets, or who have pets likely to have medical problems. One visit to my vet (found through simple research) is usually always less than $40. Just find a good vet that isn't overpriced!

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    it is a very good idea to have pet insurance i have a female maltese i call her money bags sure wish i would of had insurance search the internet and read the small print alot of good 1s out there too many to write here best of luck

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    Waste of money yorkies are a healthy breed very little vet issues. good choice of Dog

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