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What is the population of Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA?

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    Current Population, about 18,000.

    Eagle Rock is an upper middle-class neighborhood in northeastern Los Angeles, California. It is bordered by the city of Glendale on the north and west, Highland Park on the south, and the city of Pasadena on the east. Major thoroughfares include Eagle Rock Boulevard, Colorado Boulevard, and Figueroa Street. The Glendale and Ventura freeways run along the district's western and northern edges, respectively. A massive boulder at the district's northern edge contains an indentation which casts a vaguely bird-shaped shadow on the rock at certain times of day; the neighborhood derives its name from this geological feature.

    Eagle Rock lays claim to being a center of hipster culture in Los Angeles. It also boasts a significant Filipino population. With an "Anytown, USA" feel to it, this community has often been the choice as a film location for neighboring film studios. Cameos include Top Gun, Hunt for Red October, Real Genius, Reservoir Dogs, and many more.

    Eagle Rock is the site of Occidental College.

    Source(s): Grew up in Eagle Rock, went to Oxy.
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    Eagle Rock is an area, not a city. Its part of Los Angeles, try about 10,000,000.

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