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Bush Admits he's failed at fighting Terrorists, so why do you Cons still Support him?

That's the only way to read that speech he gave where he declassified information about Osama bin Laden. This seems like a scheme by Bush to have the Democrats to be blamed for terrorist attack in this country and justify his clueless occupation of Iraq. Meanwhile, bin Laden still seems to be alive, yet another Bush failure.


wow, still blaming Clinton...and i don't call Bush stupid, unlike many people opposed to Bush. While Bush is certainly less intelligent than most Presidents, he's smart enough to have the loyalty of some capable cutthroats like Rove and Cheney .

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    Yeah. Six people died in the 1993 WTC attack, while Bill Clinton was president. All of the terrorists responsible were treated like the common criminals they are, and are in prison.

    Then Bill's administration handed information about planned terrorist attacks, perhaps involving hijacked commercial airplanes, but this information was simply not sufficiently specific for the Bush administration to act upon, so they ignored it, pretty much the way they ignore every other threat, whether natural or manmade. Except for the threats they invent. Instead of treating the terrorists like criminals, and hunting them down with the considerable international good will we enjoyed, we instead acted somewhat unilaterally, invading a foreign country with no connection or ties to Al Queda.

    International terrorists operated out of Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Palestine, and other countries, but the only international terrorist making use of Iraq was Abu Nidal. If there were others, Bush decided to keep it as secret as he has the State Department's reports of the increased global terrorism under his watch.

    Saddam Hussein executed Abu Nidal in 2003.

    You know how you are in a swift river, and you pick sand up off the river bottom, and the water washes it all out of your hands? Then you sit there, staring at your empty hand, or maybe you try grabbing some more sand. That is the conservative response in this instance. All they have is shifting sand that has sifted through their fear paralyzed grasp.

    It would seem mean to turn on Bush. He seems like such a likeable fellow. If he was your next door neighbor, you would have him over for a barbecue, and swap stories. (He would probably even drink your beer, if no one was watching). But as the leader of the free world, his administration has been one long dismal failure, disaster, and debacle after the next. Your mind gets to reeling from the prisoner abuse, and Bush comes out endorsing torture. While still off balance from that blow, along comes the punishing outing of CIA agents, and before you can recover from that scandal US attorneys are being fired because they won't pursue trumped up partisan political cases.

    A CIA operative saw Usama and dozens of members of Al Queda fleeing from the Torah Borah region of Afghanistan. He called in a request for 300 army rangers to capture them, but was ordered to let Usama escape. Why?

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    So.... Obama fought enamel and nail against going to conflict - each and every risk he gets he claims "chatting with them" will resolve the subject - He close down 4 considerable militia systems - and tried to close down GITMO that's the place we easily obtained the intelligence on the place Bin encumbered became hiding - yet now he's without notice some super militia chief??? WHAT A shaggy dog tale! the only undertaking I supply him credit for is nicely no longer asserting no whilst the prospect to kill Bin encumbered became offered. Now supply me a thumbs down reason you haven't any longer any reaction and drink up that Kool-Ade! Edit: Get your head out of Obama's Hoo Ha! in case you think of that Iraq had no longer something to do with Al Queda you have your head buried deep! What happened to ALL that intelligence Clinton had whilst he had missile strikes against Iraq? Did they without notice only leave? And communicate approximately getting an education. That wasn't the only reason we went to conflict with Iraq. attempt 17 UN resolutions. yet no... your precise. Iraqi's are not well worth freeing. that they had a brilliant existence formerly we've been given there. only ask any of their women.... in the event that they're allowed to have an opinion.

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    You know Clinton lobbed a few missles took out a few shacks and scared some sheep & goats , Pres Bush went in many terrorists were killed and some that were high in the ranks of Bin Ladens crew each month more terrorists are getting killed.

    Iraq things are`nt done yet so can`t call it a failure you want to call it a failure to help the lib media push the message of failure,many good things are getting done in Iraq but good news does`nt make headlines.

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    Nice...You think The Dem's were ever really against Bush? They Voted for the war...did you think they were joking?

    they made a couple of lame attempts to appease the sucker's that they tricked into voting for them..and then rolled over for their master!

    Is it any coincidence that the 100 days are up??

    Here's today's headlines...

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    What amazes me is that so few people have picked up on the fact that this de-classified info is over 2 years old.

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    Yeah, that's right. It's a scheme by the man you call people call the stupidest man alive to blame the Democrats. Do you hear yourself when you talk?

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    We support the cause.

    Unlike you...we acknowledge Islamic Terrorist.

    It is fools like you...that rot the core of our country.

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    Better to see how this all plays out before drawing conclusions.

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    Terrorists planned the attack while Clinton was in office. At least Bush has been doing something about it. Now, the liberals want us to surrender. Are you ready to accept your enemy's terms for surrender?

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    There are sufficient reasons to believe that he is a great president. Don't hide the truth!!!!

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