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Bridesmaid Gift Help?

I am currently a Bride-to-Be.....countdown 56 Days! My fiancee and I are paying for the wedding ourselves and I really cannot afford to get my Bridesmaids anything else but their jewelry. I feel horrible, but because of our budget its all we can do. Any other brides ever been in my shoes? How did you handle? Please help!

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    I think that is perfectly acceptable. It is really the thought that counts. Maybe in addition to the jewelry you can write them a really nice thank-you note stating how grateful you are for all they have done, etc.

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    For same cost of Jewelry, starting from $99 you can give them a unique painting. If you have at least one photo of the couple, (not required both be on same photo) you can use this website

    They have professional artists, that will transform the photo to a painting. A unique gift. Then choose a frame if you want, choose the type of colors they use such as pencil, water colors.

    Since countdown is 56 days, choose a small photo. On their website they list the time it will take for the job to be finished.

    Karl Sultana

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    I was in the same situation when I got married 3 years ago. I gave my bridesmaids their necklaces inside of a crystal jewelry box. They looked really expensive, but I got all 5 of them for under $15. I don't know if you have an outlet mall near you, but the Mikasa store is where I got them. They almost always have things like that really cheap. They may also have a website, I'm not sure.

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    There is nothing wrong with just doing the jewelry, but if you really want to do something additional you could always go to an Arts and Crafts store and make a handmade gift to go with it.

    You could always make them a drawstring bag, get some nice material and either you make it or if you have a friend/family member that sews.

    Maybe make a little goodie bag with some pretty nail polish, snacks, nail file ($.99 at CVS or Rite Aid)

    Good luck!

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    Hi Tiffany, congrats on the wedding. I'm getting married in October. Aside from the jewlery (just necklaces & earrings), I'm buying little clutch-purses for my 6 bridesmaids. The purses I'm looking at are $20 each, I'm sure you can find them cheaper.

    If money's tight, you can always be picture frames, have them engraved and put great pics of you guys in them too, or maybe do a personalized framed poem.

    The Knot is a great site for wedding ideas, they can also point you to something different.

    Best of luck to you and congrats again!

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    Jewelry is a great gift - that is all that is needed. My sister-in-law did not have a huge budget but she ended up paying for half of the cost of the bridesmaid dresses as a gift.

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    We were in the same boat - but of course, still want to get something meaningful. I got the bridesmaids silver heart lockets, which they wore for the wedding!

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    The jewelry is fine. I would make them a nice lunch/ take them out for coffee or something and give them the presents then, so they know that is the present.

    You can always attach a thoughtful little note thanking them for all of their help.

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    If your bridesmaids cant understand your situation, and don't appreciate the nice jewelry they are receiving, then they are not really good friend and you should kick them to the curb.

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    It sounds like plenty but after the wedding pictures come back take them to WalMart,etc. and get prints made and give them a small photo album with pictures of everyone. Good Luck..

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