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doing heroin while pregnant?

im a long time junky and noticed since iv become pregnant it take more and more junk to get me off. Is that because im sharing with my kid? or is it my habit normally getting worse

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    You are stunting your babies growth and could cause it to die if it doesnt die you have a large chance of having a mentally challenged child. Now.. being a drug addict you probably wouldn't want to deal with a child that will need extra special attention because they aren't like other kids do you?

    Just lay off the heroin until you're done with your pregnancy and if you decide to breast feed don't do it then either. But for your child don't do any drugs or drink while you're pregnant and if you start again after you give birth feed them formula so the drugs you do don't get into they're system please. Its hard to watch a child suffer and constantly wonder why they are so much different then the other kids

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    I'm an attorney very familiar with the Child Protective System. I truly hope that this question was posed as a joke, but if it isn't you need to obtain immediate help. You are definitely sharing your drugs with your child and your child will be born a junkie with serious problems medical problems from fetal drug exposure. If the child lives it will probably have severe behavioral issues because of your drug use. Also, you must know that Child Protective Services will take this child from you at birth. In some states you may also be exposed to criminal prosecution because of the harm you are causing this child. You need to seek immediate help to get off drugs. You might consider getting into rehab or a methadone program to wean you off the heroin. The child will still be born with drugs in its system but at least you won't be killing your child or creating a junkie at birth. I know what I am talking about as I have represented mothers who have exposed their unborn child to drugs and children who have been born drug exposed.

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    How could you do something like that while you are pregnant? Even the most basic education and even common sense will tell you not to do things like that..don't do drugs/drink/smoke while you are pregnant, or if you plan on becoming pregnant. It isn't that hard or difficult to understand.

    Obviously your habit is getting worse, but it seems like your behavior is uncontrollable which is why you are unable to stop. Don't make an innocent, unborn child suffer health-wise/mentally as a result of your heartless and stupid actions. Sorry if that sounds rude but how could you not understand that what you are doing not only slowly killing yourself, but more importantly, you are killing you baby. Such a sad situation. Go get help. .

  • you make me feel physically ill.

    you dont deserve a baby, there are so many amazing people who cant get pregnant who would make your baby a million times happier than you could ever manage.

    i lost my first baby, i miscarried at 9 weeks and i done everything right. and you put this filth into your body and you carry full term.

    you have no respect for yourself and no respect for the life inside you. and if you did, then you would have given all that crap up when you found out you were pregnant, no matter how hard it is. you dont deserve to be a mother. scum would be a compliment to you.

    Source(s): previous m/c and now 29 weeks pregnant.
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    your concern is that you need more heroin to get high? What is it costing you too much to maintain your habit? Are you even concerned that you are destroying your baby, why not just abort the baby and save it from a life of troubles! You should be ashamed of yourself. Kick the habit or let nature take its course. All I can say is poor poor baby.

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    What a load of $hit. You're the same idiot who claims to be a pothead wondering if THC will show up in your "supposed" baby's bloodwork.

    $10 says you're some pathetic 14 yr-old kid f-ing around on the computer and not even CLOSE to being pregnant.

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    You can't be serious... I hate people like you. I totally agree with mummytobe. I had a miscarrige last year and recently found out i am pregnant again. but you sooo do not deserve the gift you have inside of you.

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    Why do you post these questions??? You can't be for real. You just asked about smoking marjiuana and being 40 weeks prego. You're just someone with nothing better to do than to get your jollies from firing people up.

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    It's because your body is having to share with the baby. You should do a whole lot at once if you want a good high. Just enough to kill yourself and your baby and save the rest of the world a lot of trouble.

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    Are you serious? You are pregnant! What the heck are you thinking? Stop using and start taking care of yourself b/c you have a little baby inside you!

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