American red plastic party cups.. any ideas...??

in american films whenever theres a teen party they always drink from red plastic cups with ridges in. Me and my friend noticed it, honestly they are in pretty much every american party scene in any teen film. Anyway, said friend is having a birthday party and i really want to get some. Theres loads of party suppliers etc. on the internet but i cannot find THOSE cups ANYWHERE!! they have to be red, they have to be PLASTIC and they have to have ridges!! they seem to be everywhere in america so where the bloody hell do i ascertain them from?! suggestions welcome! ive typed in every combination of search details i can think of in to google and i still haven't found THOSE cups!! its driving me mad! i cant even find them on ebay!!!! its ridiculous i tell you. i will be eternaly helpful for anyone who can find them! but be carefull.. it may become an obsession like it has with me.. ive been looking for about 4 hours! yeah.. i have no life. please help, thankyou!


just like to add, i would LOVE to casually pop down to walmart etc. but i live in england, wales to be specific and (i know its a terrible tragedy) there are NO walmarts!! i totally wish there were but there arent haha hence the trouble getting them!!

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    I'll look...

    They're at every grocery and discount store... I usually get red and blue (and yellow if I can find them) so there is at least some way to tell whose is whose, and I have pens so people can write their names on them...

    Solo Cup Europe:

    Contact them and ask where in Wales you might find their products.

    Here are some sites... I don't know about international shipping though...

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    American Party Cups

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    So many options here, I hope I can give you some good ideas that fit your budget. Deli Wraps come to mind first, Chicken Pasta salad (Vinaigrette Dressing though, no mayo) put into little Chinese takeout containers, you could make the salad the night before, then fill up the cups the next day, BBQ Pulled Pork stuffed Pita Pockets, Mini Croissants filled with chicken, ham or tuna salad, Buttermilk Fried Chicken Legs with Potato Salad (you could put these in little wrapped paper dishes) and put them into your cooler in the car. I hope these help you out or gives you a spark of other things to do. Have a great time at the Zoo!

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    Party City

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    The brand name of these cups is "Dixie". They hold twelve ounces of fluid. Dixie is a branch of the company Georgia-Pacific. Google Dixie plastic cups. Hope this helps.

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    Sadly, I live in America and can't go two miles without seeing a friggin' Wal-mart. But, to answer your question, I've also seen those cups at liquor stores and restaurant supply stores. Hope that helps:)

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    Where do you live? These are super-popular in America, and very cheap.

    They are called Solo cups (the makes is named Solo) and they come in red, blue, and I've seen yellow too.

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    Just wanted to point out 2 things..

    A. I can get them at walmart and publix..

    B. Can't hardly wait = blue cups.. :)

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    I believe solo cups are what you are looking for try looking at Wal-mart or Kroger

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