how long does THC show up on an oral swab test?

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    Tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in the marijuana plant (cannabis sativa), is detectable in saliva shortly after use. The detection of the drug is thought to be primarily due to the direct exposure of the drug to the mouth (oral and smoking administrations) and the subsequent sequestering of the drug in the buccal cavity3. Historical studies have shown a window of detection for THC in saliva of up to 14 hours after drug use3.

    The THC assay contained within the Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device yields a positive result when the THC-COOH concentration exceeds 12 ng/mL.

    If you are taking this test for work, remember, if you are high and cause an accident and it is discovered you had been smoking pot, your job is history.

    If you are taking this test for your parents, they might be smart enough to smell the stuff on you or in your room.

    I can't say I approve of drugs, I don't allow them anywhere near me or my daughter.

    But here is the info for you anyway.

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    30 days ??

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