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I have a cat that doesn't want to use his box, is it time to put him down?

It goes all around my apt. I don't want live in poo anymore.


I've tried everything....his tail doesn't work anymore some kids got to it. Besides I can't even afford a vet to have it looked at.

Update 2:

When i got him then i had the money to have him checked but then i lost my job and have fell on hard times since and a whole bunch of other things i won't for some reason keep a job.

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    Yeah i agree with the other answer, What a stupid thing to say. Your question should be 'is it time to take him to the vets?' in which case the answer is yes. Get him checked out or rehome him to someone who will. Also, cats dont go in dirty litter boxes so unless you are cleaning it out twice daily, thats probably your answer!

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    Okay here's the deal. Could be several things causing this:

    1)Kitty doesn't like the litter box because it's too dirty for him. Some cats are more sensitive than others. do not use a covered litter box and see if that helps. Always clean the litter box of items everyday and completely throw out the litter and clean the box itself with soap and water or a little bleach to get rid of oders once a week. Remember, animals can smell what we don't and the covered box keeps odors in.

    2) that may not be it. Kitty might not like the litter itself. Change the litter to a different kind. Where does it urinate? In the box? Okay different problem.

    3) he may have painful poo eliminations and associates the littler box with pain. See a vet and have his poo tested and have the vet feel his stomach for any abnormalities. My purebred bengal pees in the box, but leaves the poo just outside the box. I'm lucky it's on the hardwood floor and is easy to clean up. His nose is VERY sensitive.

    4) Use Cat Attract littler. I found it at Pet Co, I think. Maybe it was PetSmart, try both. It has an additive that attract the cat to use the little box. It's guaranteed. More expensive, but when it works, you will think it's SO worth it! Then when you see him use the litter box, praise him and give a favorite treat right away. That worked on a different issue with my big orange stupid cat. Reward wanted behavior!

    5) take him to the vet anyway, you never know.

    Give it a try! Good Luck and remember, you don't need to put your kitty down, he probably just needs help.

    Source(s): 40 years of animal companionship. Currently owned by 3 cats, a parrot and some walking stick bugs.
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    How often are you changing the litterbox? Cat's are extreemly picky when it comes to alot of things... a litterbox is probubly #1. You should be scooping the feces out at least once a week! Changing the actual litter every 2, to keep the smell down. The cat is pooing all over too, because his/her scent of secretion is all over you apartment! You have to do a extreme cleansing of carpets, clothes, furniture.. anything that has come in contact with you cat, or the cat will keep picking up those scents, and doing his/her business there. But putting a animal down because of this problem is definately not the answer. If you do not have patients to deal with an animal you should not have gotten one. That would be like killing your baby because it keeps pooping it's pants... animals should be viewed as small children, and should have all of the love and compassion you can possibly give. In the meantime, try and give the cat to a Humane Society, or check online for local cat rescue no-kill shelter near you. Do not give the cat to a friend or family member that you see fit, if you are considering killing the cat over this proble, you have to realize that you may not have the best judgement when deciding what may be best for that animal. Good luck, and do the right thing... remember.. Karma is a beeeootch!

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    Take your cat to the vet and find out if there's a medical problem. The first thing to consider when a cat starts inappropriately eliminating outside the litter box is Feline Urological Syndrome (FUS), "which can include such conditions as cystitis, blockage of the urethra, and urethritis, can all cause your kitty great pain when urinating or trying to urinate. This can lead to your kitty associating that pain with the litter box, and simply refusing to use it. Taking your kitty in to your vet for a checkup and testing for FUS is a must before looking any further for the sudden change in your kitty's litter box habits."

    If FUS gets ruled out, you also have to consider that while most cats "spray" to mark territory, some will use feces for the same purpose! According to the source I've listed, if your cat is crapping right NEAR the litter box, s/he might be trying to tell you that s/he doesn't like something about the box: "ox isn't clean enough; location is wrong; litter type is not to the cat's liking; litter box type is not to the cat's liking," etc. Also, apparently, "If the cat is using fecal marking to express displeasure (such as protesting a new boyfriend that the cat doesn't like, etc.), it will usually leave the feces close to the area of protest (such as the bed in which the boyfriend last slept, etc.)."

    So, my suggestions are as follows: FIRST, take your cat to the vet and make sure it doesn't have FUS (which might be causing it pain, and should be taken care of ASAP!!). If it's FUS-free, my next suggestion is to get the cat fixed if it isn't already fixed. If it wasn't fixed, marking behaviors might stop once it IS fixed.

    If the cat already is fixed, or if the behavior doesn't stop once you get it fixed, you'll want to try some behavior modification. I suggest that you head over to http://www.hdw-inc.com/litterbox.htm#fecal for specific suggestions. They talk about de-stressing the cat and making the litter box more attractive. They also suggest isolating the cat in a small room (like a bathroom) for a little while. "Since cats naturally dislike urinating or defecating near their food and water dishes, your kitty will most likely use her litter box in this small area simply to avoid contaminating her food and water. Be sure to keep the box extremely clean and praise her when she does use her litter box. After she has gotten used to using her box again, you can gradually increase the amount of area you give her."

    If you're not interested in all this relatively complicated stuff, I suggest finding another home for the cat -- probably your local humane society, with a note about the cat's problems. I REALLY don't suggest killing the cat, because though you may not feel that you're in a position to put up with this particular problem (no $$ to spare on vet, not enough time/energy to give to correcting the cat's behaviors right now, etc.), someone else might be in a position to do so. Humane society staff has probably run into this kind of behavioral issue before!! They'll at least be able to get the cat checked out, make sure it's not FUS, etc.

    Good luck to you and kitty.

    Source(s): "Understanding Feline Marking Behaviors," HDW Enterprises & Foothill Felines Bengals, http://www.hdw-inc.com/litterbox.htm
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    Poor Kitty! How old is the cat? You need to have a vet check,i've had this happen to me and usually the cat has a urinary tract infection.Do you clean the litter box atleast once a day,what kind of litter do you use?You should clean the litterbox once a day,and your litter should be the clump/scoopable kind.Also,where did you get this cat?I have gotten kittens from a farm once,and they would not use the litter box!I had to return them back to the farm,that sucked!

    Source(s): Ever since I was little,i've always had cats in the family,and playing with kitties on the farm!
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    Heaven L started and now I'll continue. Yes your cat could be ill or maybe just does not like the litter. Do you keep it clean? I have 3 cats and use tidy cats clumping crystal blend. Do consider taking your cat to the vet, though, because there are several illnesses that cause cats to do as you have described.

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    how old is your cat, does he have a fatal illness? i cant believe you would suggest killing him because hes pooing on the floor, people like you shouldnt have pets period. Take him to the vet there could be something wrong, cats dont poop outside the litter for no reason.

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    I suggest you find a new home for your cat. Call your local animal/rescue shelter they might be able to help you find a home for him. It doesn't sound like you want to be bothered with him anymore. Research care of an animal before you make that purchase.

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    well the thing is you should have really thought about this before you got him.. but if it's a boy that is not fixed that could be something to do w/ it but you should not put him down you should take him to the animal shelter and maybe somebody can give him an outside home..

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    Ok, I am sure what it'll cost you to have him put down, you could have him looked at and possibly treated! I wish people would quit treating animals like they are disposable!!!! If you aren't prepared to provide some sort of medical attention to your pet who may need it, THEN DON'T GET ONE!!!!!!

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