Les Miserables Roles?

Is the part of Cossette in Les Miserables a large part or is Eponine a larger role? I am going to audition but I am wondering what part to go for.

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    1 decade ago
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    Cosette is by and by a larger role.

    Eponine is a more interesting role.

    If you like happy endings, go for Cosette.

    If you have a beautiful mezz-soprano voice, go for Cosette.

    If you are good at acting tough and bold, go for Eponine.

    If you want to sing a really meaningful song, go for either.

    If you want to be recognized, go for Cosette.

    If you want to be love-stricken, go for Eponine.

    If you want more action-filled scenes, go for Eponine.

    If you want a real undying love, go for Cosette.

    hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    4 years ago

    It doesn't seem like many people know this, but between the time Fantine dies and comes back again in the end of the second act, she plays a boy helping out at the barricades, so it's not like you won't have nothing to do after you die. I think Fantine is the best female role, followed by Madame Thernardier, Eponine, then Cosette. Eponine will be a really hard role to portray, but I placed her last because most actresses portray her as some cute, pitiful girl who can't get the guy because the guy's a dillweed, which isn't true at all. The reason Marius doesn't go for Eponine is Eponine has spent most of her teenage life living on the streets, helping her father rob people, prostituting herself for money, and creepily stalking Marius with no sense of social decorum. So comparing her to Cosette, who was raised well by a prominent, if not mysterious member of the wealthy community, polite and clean and pretty, and the choice would've been easy for anybody. I've ranked Fantine and Madame T high because there's so much substance to their roles.

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    It depends on your vocals... Eponine is much more demanding vocally. Cosette is a sweet singing Soprano while Eponine is a Mezzo belter. They are completely different. If you have the chops to sing both, then go for both because you never know how they plan to cast the roles. But FYI Eponine is usually the more coveted role.

    You should also look up a synopsis of the show. It's always good to know what you're auditioning for.

    Try Musicals.net, click on shows

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    Both parts are about equal in stage time. Cossette is a saprano role and Eponine is an contralto role. So which can you sing? Eponine does get snuffed, so if you want a real dramatic ending, then that is one, however if you want the guy, then you want Cossette...

    Break a leg.....

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    First off a correction - Cosette has the higher range in the musical. Eponine has more of a mezzo range. I, personally, much prefer 'Ponine. Cosette has a lovely role and has loads of stage time - both characters are pretty evenly matched as far as stage time and gorgeous solos/duets.

    I would audition for both if I were auditioning - it can never hurt!

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    There is no reason not to audition for both roles. The characters are both the same age and although Cosette should have a more ingenue sound, both are soprano roles with the about the same range.

    Eponine may have a "showier" role, but Cosette makes it to the end of the play.

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    Cosette is the larger role. Not only does she have more stage time (including being one of the few characters to survive the musical), she is a bigger character in the storyline.

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    1 decade ago

    depends on your voice. i think eponine is a more challenging role. it's the one i would pick. if you have a higher voice and don't want to die on stage though, go for cossette.

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    1 decade ago

    Eponine is somewhat larger. I would definitely go for her. I like her character much better and she has a beautiful solo (On my Own) and a lovely duet. She is one of my favorite characters. Good luck!!

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    I can't answer your question, but I can tell you that there is a beautiful song in the play called On My Own. If you are a soprano I suggest you finding out which character sang this and take that role.

    Good luck and have fun!!

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