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Program to create a large picture using small pictures?

Years ago, I believe right after Princess Diana died, I saw on TV a news report on a fan who had constructed a picture of Princess Diana using tiny photos of roses. From a distance, it simply looked like a picture of the princess, but up close you could see that it was comprised of many, many rose photos, all different colours and shades. It was really beautiful, and I wondered if there was a program out there that could do this, not necessarily of Diana and roses, but of whatever photo and thumbnails are made available to the program to use. Like for instance, to make a picture of a birthday girl using nothing but small pictures of cake, or a picture of a tree using nothing but a variety of smaller tree photos. I've hunted online but must not be putting in the right search terms because I can't find anything at all. I'm hoping someone out there can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

7 Answers

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