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Rumor says Jermain Taylor dumping emanuel steward is it true?

I hope so about time every since he's been with him we've seen a lackluster jermain taylor one that has been pettiful is his last 3 fights.... wright ouma spinks and all of them were with emnauel steward...a person like jermain taylor needs a trainer like floyd mayweather sr and jermain taylor HAS to defend his title next against pavlik so its goin to happen...wbc is making it or he will be stripped of the title..i think jermain taylor beats him i mean dang he beat hopkins wright ouma spinks which were al conversiously decisions...So i think he can beat an overrated bum who beat an miranda who just stood there like a punching bag with no techique no skills just a power right hand...He doesn't want it with the best in the middleweight divisions wit skill power and speed trust me....

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    I heard that too, Stewart is supposedly fed up with Taylor not listening enough and not fighting as hard as he should, and Taylor is supposedly tired of having Stewart yelling at him on how to fight, but they are just rumors we wont know til it actually becomes official.

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    If Taylor dumps Stewart, it is the beginnin of the end of Jermain Taylor. I have never been impressed with Taylor, and truely believe he squeeked by those close decisions because of Emanuel's work. The edge in his big fights was so slim, Taylor cannot afford a step in the wrong direction, and dumping the best trainer currently active is just such a step. Too bad for Taylor is it's true, and no big loss for Stewart, Emanuel has no shortage of fighters knocking at his door. I see Stewart in Pavlik's corner if it plays out that way, and Taylor losing within a couple of fights without Stewart. It wll be interesting to see how Taylor fights against Pavlik, with or without Stewart in his corner, it will define Taylor's career.

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    It wouldn't really matter one way or the other. Jermain Taylor is WAY overrated. BUT... here's what I want to see....

    Calzaghe/Kessler....Taylor/Pavlic... with a match between both winners. My opinion.... it'd end up Pavlik/Kessler, which would be one helluva fight. If I were to bet, I'd have to go with the "Viking Warrior".

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    I haven't heard it but if it does happen he better run to Golden Boy and sign up as Hopkins *** kisser because he will need all the help he can get

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