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are smooth and rough coated collies the same breed?

i've been told they are, and they are not. im thinking they're not, cause the smooth and wire coated fox terries are seperate breeds

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    K is absolutely correct -- and, actually, Fox Terriers are considered one breed, as well. Like the Collies, there are two varieties (Smooth/Wire) operating under the same Standard.

    The same is true for Dachshunds; One breed, 6 varieties.

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    They are the same breed, just 2 separate varieties within the one breed. The two coat types can be interbred, and you can have litters with both coat types in them- which is perfectly acceptable, and common. Under all that coat, rough Collies are just like Smooth Collies.

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    Smooth & rough coated collies are the same breed in two varieties, separated by coat texture.

    There is ONE standard which contains a description of both coats:

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    Same breed different varieties.

    Registered separately.

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    I don't know exactly, but I'm pretty sure you have to register them differently.

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