Is Hersheys, still "The Great American Chocolate Bar" ?

When Hersheys closes there plant in Hershey PA, and moves it to Monterey Mexico, is that what an American company should do? Should we call it "The Great Mexican Chocolate Bar" ? Is it American to lay off hundreds of employees just to make a few extra bucks for the shareholders? Would you be happy if the company you work for did this? Do you think corperate greed will be the downfall of our government?

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    Being that I live right outside Hershey, I hear a lot about this topic... It seems to have a great impact and worry to a lot of people that reside in that area. After all I have heard and seen, I have to agree corporate greed will indeed be the downfall of our government....

    Not only are hundreds of citizens in fear of losing their jobs, the county has concerns as well due to the fact it will also impact other businesses in the area- tourism is a big part of Hershey city as well! Not only that but it becomes an entire State loss when those poor people begin to struggle to provide for their families- through absolutely no fault of their own! It's bad enough there is already such a gap in between "upper class" and "blue collar" incomes and now major companies choose to only get greedier, while our government does absolutely nothing about it... (Heck, look at the salary of most politicians- as if they would!)

    It's such a shame.... Hershey is one of the most heavenly tasting chocolates on earth, but now, as many others in my area, I will soon have to "ban the bar"....

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    When is a company not suppose to do everything it can for it's stockholders, because they take all the risk, not the employees. Hershey's will always be the best chocolate made in America, as to my understanding they will still be making candy in America as well. America is a capitalistic society and all of us are monetarily motivated, including the workers at Hershey's. I have had the company I worked for do the same thing and it actually opened an avenue for me to do better and make much more money. People have to understand that when in the work force nothing is guranteed and you should always become cross trained and hone your skills to ensure that you can survive in the market place in the event your company does move. Corporate greed will not be the downfall of our country as it actually has been the driving force that has made our country what it is. I would not use the word "greed", I would use the word "ambition". I hope this helps.

  • 5 years ago

    Mexico is in America so to speak but moving Hershey operations to Mexico and closing some operations in Hersey PA is definitely NOT something that founder Milton S. Hershey would have approved of at all.

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    1 decade ago

    Have you heard anything about Hershey Park? Im against the plant moving, but I really believe that there needs to be some give for NAFTA to combat illegal immigration from mexico by helping to stimulate their economy.

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