New Zealand?

I'm thinking about packing it up from America and moving over there. Anyone that lived/lives there that can share your experience with me? Good places to live?

Thanks for everything!


"On a whole we have a.. lets just say a relaxed attitude to the work environment"

That sounds absolutely perfect.

Thank you both so much! You've given me great info!

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    I am bias as I lived there for a LONG time, many years - But Nelson NZ is the place to be.....Sunniest place in NZ. - Located at the Top of the South Island.

    Great beaches, vineyards, outdoor adventure and art centres.

    Near by is Abel Tasman National Park, Kaiterteri – golden sand beaches.

    South Island = beautiful landscape incorporates vast mountain chains, steaming volcanoes, sweeping coasts, golden beaches, alpine peaks, glaciers, rain forests and grassy plains.

    Nelson city is the 10th most populous city and geographical centre of New Zealand. Nelson Tasman Region has a resident population of 87,000 (2001) - Nelson city 43,500, Tasman district 43,500).

    Main website for Nelson is - has alot of info about the area, tourism and moving there.

    You could also check out the Nelson City Council website for more stats, news and information -

    On one side of Nelson you have Abel Tasman and Golden Bay, and the other side Marlborough. - everything is not far away if wanting a change of scenery.

    I've met alot of americans that has settled there.

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    Do it, Do it. Theres my indepth advise.

    Yea I live here (New Zealand). depending on what type of place you want to live in will alter where you want to go naturally. If youre looking for big city, aucklands your place. 1 million people (one quater of the entire countries population.)

    Smaller cities... Main centers are dunedin, christchurch, wellington and hamilton. and of course theres all those places were farming is king, and.. yea. I live in Nelson, top of the south. Has possibly the best weather nationwide. But.. the nightlife leaves a lot to be desired. under 100,000 people and one street of nightclubs. But a great place to bring up kids. Ill warn you now, house prices arent getting any cheaper in NZ. And you better not back the aussies in a rugby match, cheers.

    (forgive my spelling and grammar, but its the middle of the night here at im about to head to bed)

    i suggest maybe take a holiday somewhere in NZ to find a place you like, though undoubtably you will like most, if not all. And dont act in a rush to be anywhere. On a whole we have a.. lets just say a relaxed attitude to the work environment..

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    As a rule, the further south you go the cheaper it is to live and the more laid back the people are.

    I am in Dunedin and I think it is by far the best place.

    We even get snow once or twice a winter, which is a bit inconvenient, but it only lasts a day or two.

    Makes a bit of a change.

    I have include the city link so check out the web cams

    Dunedin Kiwi.

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    Hello. I am an Australian living here in New Zealand and I must say in a formal manner, it is so bloody good here! It is possibly the best country in the world and I love everything about it. I will never go back to Aussie to live permanently as all my family live here also.

    I, myself, live in the suicide capital as John Cleese once said of new zealand, Palmeston North. Although this is a rather small city the oppunities are endless. There is a great University here called Massey, and a little science centre called Te manuwa. There is also lots of great shops in town.

    Although the weather here can get a little windy and cloudy, I still love it!

    I would also recommend Wellington. great little city! It has some great little cafes and beaches, and as the capital of nz, is home to many great schools and unis. The night life there is also pretty good with bars and pubs open everywhere.

    Although I have havent had a good look around NZ yet, I can promise you that you will have the best time of your life here!

    The south island and Auckland seem pretty good as well but I have never been there

    Have a great time, and a good country to choose!

    Kiwi mate!

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    Well i don't have lots of experience of NZ because i just came here like 4 months ago but i can tell you its very nice over here and green and no dryness and lots of fun people.

    Everyone is friendly to evryone.Well i just had good time since i was here because if you live where i used to live then you would love it here.

    For a link i come from South AFRICA

    Source(s): Auckland is a very nice place to live but the houses are expensive thats all
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