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re2345 asked in Cars & TransportationMotorcycles · 1 decade ago

how is the vfr 1000 interceptor compared to the vfr 800?

i have a 1000 i am just wondering on the newer 800s

are they as fast , cornering ability do you like the abs braking etc


does it have as much power

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    There wasnt a vfr 1000 persay, there was a vf1000r in 85 and 86. The vfr 800 is better in everyway. I do not like abs or linked brake systems as it teaches bad habits for when you get on a bike that doesnt have those systems. Well I guess the 1000r was better because it didnt have abs and linked brakes, but disable those on the 800 and no contest.

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    that bike was on cycleworlds ten best for about 12 years

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