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桃﹡ asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago




謝謝辛苦大家了 :)!!!!!













抱歉抱歉 可以再更"高中化一點嗎" XD

就是用更簡單的字彙和句型文法 句子盡量短一點

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    1 decade ago
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    " She is as white as snow, we'll call her snow white."

    "Snow White likes to make trouble and always make her mother angry.

    Until Snow White grew up, her mother could not handke her anymore."

    "Dear father, good bye."

    "She is not behaving like a princess anymore. I should find a person to

    teach her."

    " The evil stepmother wants Snow Whites white skin. So she practice her

    magic and her magic mirror. She is planning something evil in her heart."

    "You're right! Get our og this place! You don't have the authorityto be

    the princess! Don't ever come back again."

    "Don't worry! Didn't you want Snow White's skin badily? She likes to

    dance, if you let her listen to the music that attracks her and lets her faint,

    you could get her skin easily."

    "You're such a good minion!"

    "The stepmother became a teenage who likes to listen to musics."

    "What are you listening to?"

    "This is the newest iPod, do you want to try?"

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  • 1 decade ago

    "Her white snow and same thing and her snow" is shouted.

    It did not tie "Never becoming of Snow White at small time craziness very, and anger always, and the growth to Snow White of Yuzcougou.. ..the empress.." ..her...

    It meets "King of father who ..affection.. becomes it" again.

    "I should come to teach her without looking like one princess more and more looking for one woman

    without fail. "

    "It is hit on that the skin in respect of the snow is obtained by contraries after wicked new and plans to the magic of Tsutomu Ne by satan's mirror and shadow frighten" is done.

    It ..".. said about you. You are. You do not have the qualification to be the princess of this nation. All..come back.

    Does your having thought very much because "must not become hasty without becoming hasty arrive at the skin of the snow?She likes to dance, you make her become to the blind stupor if it uses and you prepare in the music of magic, and you can obtain her skin easily. "

    "You are really a minion of my good twicer. "

    The person that one swings according to music after becoming new "and I-pod is young will be

    heard. "

    "What do you hear?"

    "Are it latest I-pod of this, and do you want to try a little?"


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