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請幫忙翻譯英文 文章 請不要用翻譯軟體 謝謝

The inside walls between rooms in the earthship dont't need to be as strong , so these walls are made with old cans

,bottles,and cement. All the walls are then covered and painted .In the end, the house looks just like a typical home.

Another benefit of an earthship is that it saves energy and natural resources. For example, an earthship uses less

water, which is collected on the roof, is used for drinking and bathing . Furthermore, earthships need much less

energy for heating and cooling because they are built into the ground.This keeps the temperature inside the house

from getting too hot or too cold . In the long run ,this helps earthship owners cut their utility bills.As well,one wall,

one wall of an earthship usually faces south . Therefore , solar heat helps to warm the house ,and solar panels built

on the roof of the house generate electricity to run applianccs in the house.

All of these features make earthships very environmentally friendly.That's one of the reasons they have caught on

throughout the world .Earthships have been built in Bolivia, Australis, Mexico,Japan,Canada,England,Scotland,and

all over the US. Maybe in the near future, an earthship will be landing near you!

請不要用翻譯軟體 謝謝

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    裡面牆壁在房間之間在earthship dont't 需要是像強, 因此這些牆壁用老罐、瓶, 和水泥被做。所有牆壁然後被蓋並且被繪的In 末端, 房子看起來像一個典型的家。其它earthship 的好處是, 它保存能量和自然資源。例如, earthship 使用較少水, 被收集在屋頂, 被使用為喝和沐浴。此外, earthships 需要較少能量為熱化並且冷卻因為他們被修造入ground.This 保留溫度在房子裡面從變太熱或太涼。從長遠看, 這幫助earthship 所有者削減他們的公共事業bills.As 很好, 一牆壁, earthship 的一牆壁通常面對南部。所以, 太陽熱幫助溫暖房子, 並且太陽盤區被修造在房子的屋頂發電跑applianccs 在房子裡。所有這些特點非常環境做earthships friendly.That's 一個原因他們風行Earthships 在世界各地被修造了在玻利維亞, 極光, 墨西哥, 日本, 加拿大, 英國, 蘇格蘭,

    和到處美國。可能在不遠的將來, earthship 登陸在您附近!


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