Are there any D&D players around Charleston, IL?

Hi, I'm looking at a boring summer and I was wondering if there were any D&D groups around Charleston, IL. I am actually from a small town close to it. I know absolutly nothing about the game, no equipment, no nothing. But I want to learn. Only problem being, I come from a tiny town and I don't think anyone I know has ever even heard of D&D. If anyone could be of any help, I'd be glad to hear from you!



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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, looking at a map, I can see you're actually really nicely situated over there, you're very close to many decently sized towns, and not far at all from both Springfield, IL and Indianapolis, IN. The largest D&D/games convention in the country is held there every summer, so that's one way to try it out would be to go to Gen Con.

    Alternatively, I see there's a college in your town, you could check to see if they have a gaming club, or post a thing on a billboard there saying you'd like to play D&D. Also, if there's a games/hobbies store, that's another great place to post looking for a game, or to find one to join. The only thing I found near you in a search is something called "B & D Games Inc", which I can't guarantee is the right kind of store, but you could call them and ask. They're in Marshall, IL, about 20 miles or so away. Some large town near you should have one.

    A great way to get started in D&D is by just showing up a little early for a RPGA event. That's an international D&D club, and they play in many cities. Most people in it are always glad to help someone new out. If you go to and check the calendar link it shows upcoming events. I see there's one on Monday, May 28 at the Level Up game store in Springfield, IL.

    Lastly, if you just wanna see what D&D is like without hauling around at all, just check out their website, it even has an interactive demo you can play. then click on the Dungeons & Dragons link.

    Hope this helps!

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