Find the equation of a line?

Find the equation of a line satisfying the given conditions : parallel to the x-axis and passes through the point (-5, -3).

a. y= -5

b. y= -3

c. x= -5

d. x = 3

I really dont understand this question, some please help me out!! =)

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    That is b. In Coordinates you have (x,y) where x is the horizontal axis, and y the vertical. When you have a line parallel to an axis it has to start on a point on the opposite axis, this allows for a line. Since you are looking for parallel to the x-axis, it has to be an answer on the y-axis, or y=?, and since as we know from (x,y) that y= -3 we know that the line must also be on -3 therefore, y= -3.

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    y = -3. It is because parallel to x -axis means the (x,y) and (-5,-3) is creating a line, similar as x-axis, a straight line, the slope is zero. So to make it happens, its y must be same as the given coordinate, -3. So, the y-point must be -3...

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    b., because if it is parallel to the x-axis then it would have to be a horizontal line, and y=anything is horizontal, since -3 is the y in the point that would be the equation.

    Hope that helped. Good luck.

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    b, since only b or c could pass through (-5, -3), and when x=(some number), it is a vertical line and intersects the x-axis. Therefore, it only can be B

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