a) What may attract u to move to another neighbourhood in your city? What features of the new are are missing in your neighbourhood?

Looking for yr opinions...

b) In your opinion, what features in a neighbourhood are most desirable??

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    There a many qualities that you should look for in a neighborhood, the main and th most important of these qualities is peace of living. Without peace, any neighborhood can be hell, the factors which destroy a neighborhood's peace are crime, pest-like neighbors(oh, yeah), traffic, etc. The other most important quality to look for in a neighborhood is safety, if a neighborhood is not safe, you'll find yourself in constant tension because of you or your family's safety. Safety and peace, I think, are the only boundaries between heaven and hell, cross these while in heaven and you'll find yourself "warmly" (more like boiling hot) welcomed in hell. The other factors which are not related to life or death, but are nonetheless, important are people, location, facilities available near your home, etc. Note that I said people, by this I don't mean that you have "perfect angel" neighbors, by this I mean that the majority of the people living in the neighborhood should be of your ethnicity or area; you sure won't have fun living with only Asians if you are European, but still, considering this factor is solely your choice...

    The location of the neighborhood must also be good, as it contributes to the peace of the neighborhood, the area should make you feel good and the environment must not be full of loud sounds. As most people like it, the location must not be congested with buildings, cars and even people. The area should not be the "meeting point" of all the traffic in the world, because then, your beauty sleep will be constantly interrupted by loud horns and car engines. Also, exposure to constant or loud sound can create hearing problems, stress or the inability to concentrate.

    Another important thing that you must consider is the accessibility to other facilities, such as, hospitals, supermarkets, malls, etc. In the modern world, it is impossible to be left alone without any facilties, but still there is ease of accessibility, i.e. how easily you can access those facilities. Ease of accessibility is decreased by traffic, routes, etc. Accessibility is also important because when you need something, it is better that you get it quick. So, I think that the qualities that I mentioned above are the ones that should be looked for in a neighborhood, now choosing pest or angel neighbors is solely your choice!

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