Is it legal to transport human remains (ashes in an urn) across state lines?

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Relatives of mine are driving from Arizona to Arkansas and wish to take the ashes of a family member for burial in Arkansas. Are there any laws forbidding the transportation of human more
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I believe it is completly legal for them to do that... they dont consider ashes human remains..Sorry for your loss
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  • Mary answered 7 years ago
    yes it is
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  • Memorials n glass answered 7 years ago
    You can certainly transport ashes within the United States. There are however restrictions for scattering. Most municipalities (individual counties and cities) govern when and where ashes can be disposed. There are no certificates required. Contact the local chambers of commerce and they will direct you as to their scattering restrictions. I am sorry that you have lost a family member. If there is anymore information that you may need, please contact me through my 360 or visit
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  • Black Jacque Chirac answered 7 years ago
    Of course this is legal. They are ashes and not considered human remains any longer.
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