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Why do Hybrid S.U.V. comercials say they protect the environment and at the same time drive it over a stream?

Look at these comercials, they say this "HYBRID S.U.V." protects the environment by less gas emissions, yet at the same time they drive the @#$%ing car over a stream, or into the woods and destroy the landscape anyways,,,geesh this has to be a joke and i'm not laughing.

What idiots.

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    Its because they want your money!!!!!!!!

    Hybrids are not only a waste but a scam.......

    It is probably one of the biggest scams next to the bottled water industry.

    They sell bottled water for usually over a dollar but they made like 3 cents to make....... Also bottled water is dirtier than tap water.

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    They have to make the SUV still look tough by destroying trees and wildlife since they changed it to a "wimpy" hybrid. Next they'll demonstrate how it can hit small and large animals without leaving a dent on the car.

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    if the people making those commercials were environmental scientists, it wouldn't be occuring, but for the most part all commercials are loaded with claims that aren't even close to true.

    you have to investigate each product and figure out what the truth is for yourself.

    they probably want to make them appear just as good as other 4x4 for offroading and other environementally unfriendly acts commited by people who don't care who or what suffers from their acts, as long as they are enjoying themselves.

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    Yeah but the point is that we do that anyway its only that the car has less emissons that makes the difference.

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