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ghost riders: the way of the samuria?

i need the songs and artists to all the songs played on this movie.

i found the soundtrack online earlier but it never listed the artists or names.

its for my boyfriends birthday tomorw so if it cuold be as soon as possible.

thank you sooo much!

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    Here are all the songs. Enjoy


    (instrumental mix)

    Written by R. Diggs and C. Woods

    Produced, mixed and arranged by 'RZA' for Wu-Tang Productions, Inc.

    Published by Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc.

    On behalf of Ramecca Music and Wu-Tang Publishing (BMI)

    Featuring 'Ghostface Killah' , Cappadonna and 'Raekwon'

    Raekwon appears courtesy of Loud Records

    "Fast Shadow"

    Written, Produced, Mixed and Arranged by 'RZA'

    Featuring 'Wu Tang Clan'

    Engineered by Dr. No. Studio 36 Chambers

    "Raise Your Sword"

    (Samurai Showdown)

    Written, produced, mixed and arranged by 'RZA'

    Featuring 'RZA'

    Engineered by Dr. No. Studio 36 Chambers

    "From Then Till Now"

    Written by Walter Reed, Ernest Aye, D. Black, J. Barry, W. Warwick

    Performed by Killah Priest

    Published by Rudy Zariya/Solomon Publishing ASCAP/IllBase Music BMI/

    EMI Unart Catalog, Inc. (BMI)/Regent Music Corp. (BMI)

    Courtesy of Universal/MCA Records

    "Armagideon Time"

    Performed by Willie Williams

    Written by Willie Williams and Clement Dodd

    Published by Jamrec Publishing (BMI)

    Administered by Happy Valley Music (BMI)

    Courtesy of Studio One/Heartbeat Records

    By Arrangement with Ocean Park Music Group

    "Nuba One"

    Performed by Andrew Cyrille and Jimmy Lyons

    Music by Andrew Cyrille with lyrics by Jeanne Lee

    Published by Major 'A' Music (ASCAP)/Nai-Lyn Music (BMI)

    Courtesy of Black Saint Records

    "Cold Lampin With Flavor"

    Written by 'Flavor Flav' , Hank Schocklee and Eric Sandler

    Published by Read Music International, Inc. O/B/O Reach Back (BMI) and Def Songs, Inc. (BMI)

    Courtesy of Def Jam Records

    Under license from Universal Music Special Markets

    "Dangerous Fun"

    Written and Performed by 'William Loose'

    Published by Revision West (BMI), Don Great (BMI), and May Loo Music (BMI)

    Courtesy of Marc Ferrari/Don Great Music Library

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    The title is Ghost Dog :The Way of the Samurai

    with Forrest Whittaker

    Source(s): I own the dvd
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