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Jay leno's speech.?

check this out:

i know that alot of people may be really ticked about this, and others may totally agree with Jay. I just wanna know your opinion, i won't report anyone for anything they say, this is your chance to voice your opinion and let it be heard. what do you think?


ok, so jay leno may not of wrote this but it doesn't change it. sorry for getting it wrong

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    Jay Leno is a moron with 150 cars that he can only drive one of at any time...of course he's happy and can't see things from the 69% point of view.

    The truth is this country has been on the "wrong track" since it was derailed in 1913 with "the Federal Reserve Act" and the income tax! Woodrow Wilson said "forgive me for I have ruined my country" on his death bed. TODAY your dollar will but $.05 (yep 5 CENTS) worth of what it would buy in 1913. Add to that the FACT that 95% of America's wealth is in 5% of the pockets...Jay is in the many billions DOES one guy need anyway?

    I noticed he didn't say how much HE gives away...he never talks about charities on his show...but the rest of us are a bunch of ungrateful aholes because we aren't happy with a crappy job and no health insurance.

    Jay Leno and his elitist BS are what's wrong got a big screen TV and 200 channels of crap to watch...what's wrong with you kids?

    He didn't SAY IT...He wrote it a couple of days after Bill Maher was on his show and dissed Jay for his stupid American Flag lapel pin and elitist rhetoric about "kids dying for YOUR freedom...blah blah blah".

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    I think we've gotten off track. The real question wasn't whether Jay Leno was the source or not, but what you thought of the content.

    As for me, I actually think the way that "Jay" does, but then again, I think it is because I lived for two years in a third world country. Since then, I never seem to be able to criticize the good 'ol USA.

    Like this article, I also am a staunch opponent of the media, and spend very little time reading the paper or watching the news. Am I uninformed? Perhaps a little bit... I do still keep up with current events, but I'm not an expert on all of the negative things that are happening in the world. I hope that instead of soaking up negativity that I can share some positivity in the world through community and religious service.

    Thanks for pointing out this article... I'm glad that I'm not the only one who loves this country.

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    Jay's entitled to his opinion. But what he has to know is that most Americans are not discontent with the things he mentioned. Those upset with the Bush administration might be pasified if our commander in theif managed to get his story straight about why we're in Iraq. Or, of course, stop lying through his self-serving teeth.

    The direction our country is taking has nothing to do with the freedoms Mr. Leno listed. The direction our country is taking appears to be invading absolutely every country which has something we want. Justifying it with bumper-sticker-friendly slogans about freedom, terrorists, and spreading democracy only help if that is, indeed, why we're there. Bush uses it as a one-size-fits-all approach that smell like the same sh*t every time he opens his mouth. But the truth is that corporations and special interests rule, while we the people, for the people, is a distant memory.

    That's our discontent.

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    What Jay forgets is that this country was built on protest and dissent. Things change for the better when people voice they're opinions and complaints.

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    Jay Leno would never say these things. What a crock.

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    I think that this is an urban legend and Jay really did not write this- however I wish I had- I will own it- we are the most blessed country in the world and we complain- try living in places like India that their children are begging for food. Try living in a country that you are REALLY persecuted for your faith- by death and not just yahoo answers. Try it!!!!

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    I have always liked Jay Leno. This is a very different side to him.

    No that makes me a bigger fan.

    Way to go Jay.

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    the 2/3rds of the people "jay" was talking about were not unhappy with the state of living in this country, they are unhappy about the leadership in this country. they are unhappy about the lack of progress and unhappy about the lack of cooperation between political parties.

    i, like many other Americans, love my freedoms. but how did we get them? did we get them by being content in everything that was in our lives? or did we get them by pursuing bigger and better things?

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    JAY LENO DIDN'T SAY's an urban legend. Check your sources.

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    Wow, that says a lot. I've seen this letter before but never knew Jay Leno was the author of it. Thanks for sharing.

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