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can someone please tell me why the yahoo music video player wont play?

i went to the free yahoo music videos, the video player opened up fine, but the videos wont start. i clicked on "play" and nothing happens. that page told me that if it does'nt work, to try going back to the old yahoo music video player, i did that and still nothing. i've disabled my pop ups, still the video player will launch but the video wont play and i cant seem to find any contact info. for the yahoo video player. would someone please (in laymans terms) tell me what to do? thank you in advance, cookie.

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    try updating the drivers for the player,

  • khusbu
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    3 years ago

    I easily have not been in a position to play Yahoo video clips for weeks on my own laptop laptop, i will bypass to Youtube and discover and play the video clips yet no longer Yahoo. I cant discover the thank you to checklist it to Yahoo so for sure they do no longer prefer to renowned.

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