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How much do employment agencies charge?

Are they reliable? What is a temp agency?

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    Most major temp. agencies act also as employment agencies usually with the employer paying the fees. Some employment agencies however, do charge you, the employment seeker. Skip them unless you are a rocket scientist or in that caliber of employment.

    Manpower, Kelly, Office Mates, Olsten, (to name a few) have direct hire (fee paid by employer), temp to hire (temp employee must either stay on temp payroll a certain number of weeks or the place hiring must pay a fee-depends on the salary range of the person they want to hire) and straight temporary positions.

    I have worked for all of the above mentioned companies and the last two permanent jobs I took I got through a temp to hire position. I liked this as it gave me a chance to see if the job was something I really wanted to do and how the people were to work with.

    I still get calls from Manpower asking me to do things through them, and if I am available I usually do because they always came through for me.

    In one particular instance they sent me on a job working for a real Bit** paying me $12.00 an hour for some administrative work, but it was not enough $$ to tolerate this woman's crap and I called them and told them if they wanted me to stay on this job they needed to cough up about $5 more dollars an hour or find me something else to do the job because the headache working for her wasn't worth the pennies in pay. Manpower called the client and told them they needed to pay more if they wanted to keep me, and apparently the woman agreed because I ended up getting paid $17 an hour to do a job that they could have realistically paid someone a lot less to do and was on that job as a temp for almost 3 years (this was in the 90's and I believe the rate they were paying for me to the temp service was $25.00 an hour!).

    I was provided medical and dental insurance for which I only had to pay $38.00 a MONTH. They are national so the group is large and the rates are cheap!

    There are many advantages to this type of employment. Go check them out. I have found that a lot of companies are going this route to find their employees. They don't have the hassle of having to do the back ground and reference checks, get to try the employee before hiring permanent, and it is alot easier to transition an employee from the temp payroll to permanent hire with minimal paperwork.

    If you have good references and are reliable, the temp agency is a good way to get back into the job market, find a position you love before getting hired permanently and normally the pay is weekly.

    When you first get hired on to a service, call them frequently so they know that you are serious about working and they will find you something.

    Be prepared to have your skill levels tested. After you are hired by most of the major services anyway, they will provide you with on going training. For example, Manpower has a complete list of computer stuff you can learn, excel, word, advance in your career. I am sure the others do also.

    Both Manpower and Kelly have a large professional service also. I did substitute teach through Kelly for a bit.

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    Employment Agency Fees

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    How much do employment agencies charge?

    Are they reliable? What is a temp agency?

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    As a job-seeker, you shouldn't have to pay an employment agency anything. Reliability depends on the agency. A temp agency is about the saem thing, except they set up contracts with companies to staff their temporary labor needs. The jobs are never very specialized. Temp jobs usually involve answering phones or handling mail.

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    depends on the company they r hiring for. but they dont charge U they charge the companies and whatever the company pays their employees the agencies cut that but a percent usually a few dollars and give u the rest as pay. and a temp agency is an agency where u can go to get temp work like for a day or week or sometimes they give assignments that r temp to hire which means the company u r on assignment with will evaluate u and see if u r good enough to be hired onto their company permanently

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    As a co-owner of an agency, HR Associates, we are responsible for all taxes and worker's compensation premiums of every employee. These fees can range from 16% to 25% of an employee's wage. The Psi Chi member is correct but as you can see the actual margin of profit for the agency is extremely small. The staffing industry is swinging door volume industry. Keeping your reputation intact with your employee's is paramount, even more so than your clients.

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    Temp agencies will take your profile and match it with a job that an employer has contacted the agency with. If you get the job the employer will pay the agency and the agency will pay you. They usually take a percentage of whatever yopur job pays.

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    Psi Temp Service

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    How much can I charge my clients for per contract of a staffing agencies ?

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    Depends on the agency and pay-rate of the empoyee.

    I think that a co-worker of mine got paid $10/hr. by the agency, but the company paid around $13/hr. for the employee.

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