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What's a good price for a root canal?

I have an abcess tooth, I beielve it's the #19 tooth. Second molar from the rear of my lower left jaw.

I was wondering what a reasonable price for a root canal procedure would run me. I have no insurance. I started antibiotics yesterday and have to wait ten days before having the procedure done, so I have some time to seek out prices from different dentists. I need to know what to expect to have to pay to have a reputable doctor perfom the root canal.


The dentist who diagnosed the abcess never mentioned a crown. He did mention an Amalgam-1 surf. prim/perm in the quote I was given, which I have no idea what it means. For privacy purposes I will not give the price quote that I was given.

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    An "amalgam one-surf prim/perm" means a one-surface silver filling. It might be done to plug the access hole for the root canal tooth. In most cases, the tooth eventually needs a crown to stabilize it for long-term.

    Don't go by price alone. Different dentist have different quality, skill level, comfort level, guarentee their work, etc.

    Specialists will cost more than general dentists. If a general dentist is experienced with root canals, they will do a fine job for you, unless it is a complicated procedure.

    "Dental shopping" is not always a good idea, because you don't really know what you are comparing unless you know the dentist. I'd ask friends, co-workers, others for a recommendation. It's about value, not price.

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    Sorry about your abcess, ben there so many times. All I know is Florida. Wisconsin, NC and ORegon but in all of those states a root canal is expensive. I'm gonna tak a stab at about 800-1000 for the root canal and another 400-600 for the crown. You may want to seek out a dental college. Prices are considerably lower at one of these facilities but you may need to afford a motel room and travel. Good luck

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    I had the root canal and am now saving up for the crown!! Ain't life grand? My root canal cost $800. I have insurance so I ONLY had to pay for half of it. Lucky me!!

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    Each Denist, area you live and your mouth situation is different. talk to a few Dentist in your area and get the pricing. You check out cars clothes,You must check out other Denists. Good Luck Or have it pulled out,like the Denists did before.

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