Trying to catch ditto on pokemon diamond, where is he???

I cant find ditto anywhere and i really want him because i have a lot of rare girl pokemon like heatran and garchomp and i want to breed them but i cant find ditto anywhere does anyone know how i can get him withought transfering anything. Oh and is heatran like reggiesteel r something because i saw that statue thing and it dnt know if its talking about the reggies r new pokemon like heatran does n e 1 know?

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    ditto answer: you need to get the national dex, then youll get the poke radar with it, and use the poke radar on route 228, or whichever one links canalave city and jubilife city and dittos have a 20% chance of appearing (thanks to marriland on gamefaqs for that one) oh and you cant breed heatran even though its got a gender and for the statue question: its not a statue its the legendary pokemon regigigas and to awaken it you need to go to pal park and upload regice, regirock and registeel from your ruby, sapphire or emerald game pak by using the game pak slot and have them in your party when you talk to it and it will wake up and battle you (sorry its so long you asked two questions though)

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    Pokemon Diamond Ditto

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    ditto in pokemon diamond is very difficult to capture with normal means (just looking). But going to route 228 is the only easy place to get them. There is a very low chance, but when you use a max repel, it will ward away the weaker sinnoh based pokemon. Then use the poke radar and look for weird yellow sparkle things. There will then be a high chance of capturing a ditto!

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    try migrating one if u have the national pokedex

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    not sure on the second one, but you can find ditto on Route 218.

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