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what is CHUNG KA YAN english name

what is CHUNG KA YAN english name

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    CHUNG KA YAN- eng is Linda Chung

    CHUNG KA YAN-info

    Linda Chung, 鍾嘉欣 (Cantonese: Chung Ka-Yan, Mandarin: Chong Jia-Xin), was born on April 9, 1984 in Vancouver, Canada.

    Chung is the youngest in the family and has one elder brother and one elder sister. She graduated from Templeton Secondary School in 2002 in Vancouver. After, she then studied one year at the University of British Columbia, Canada. In 2004, she joined Miss Chinese International, a beauty contest organized by TVB, and she became the third Vancouverite in 4 years to win Miss Chinese International. The 1st and 2nd runner-up in the same year was Mandy Cho (Hong Kong) and Carlene Aguilar (Manila). She was also the winner of Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003, along with Dorothy Chan and Queenie Chung.

    She is now a signed actress for TVB. Linda is one of the most popular and rising newcomers for TVB. Her debut in Virtues of Harmony II shot her straight into popularity with her memorable performance as "Hung Bak Lam" (Michelle) and her pairing with Steven Ma. Linda is known as "Advertisement Queen" in Hong Kong because she has a lot of sponsors and advertisement deals. In her short year in Hong Kong thus far, the success and popularity that she has achieved is phenomenal. Now, she is even a singer in TVB's new album "金牌女兒紅" (All About Women) with her first song "發誓" (Swear).

    Linda made her debut performing Sandy Lam's "Honesty" at TVB Extravaganza a few months ago. Her song for this CD is supposedly the themesong to her new series, 搜神傳 (an ancient mythical series about Gods).


    Height: 175cm

    Weight: 48kg

    Measurement: 33.5-24-38

    Occupation: Student / Actress

    Education: Incomplete University

    Language Spoken: English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Spanish

    Hobbies/Talents: Singing, dancing, aerobics, playing piano, hoola- hooping

    Ambition: To become a teacher or an actress

    Cigarette Brand: Marlboro lights

    Family: father, mother, older sister, and older brother

    First Series: Virtues Of Harmony 2


    Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003

    Miss Photogenic (Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003)

    Miss Talent (Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003)

    Miss Snow Beauty (Miss Chinese Vancouver 2003)

    Miss Chinese International 2004

    TVB Anniversary Awards Most Improved Female Actress Award 2006


    Virtues Of Harmony II (2004)

    Always Ready (2005)

    The Bitter Bitten (2006)

    Forensic Heroes (2006)

    Heavenly In-Laws (2007)

    Best Bet (2007)

    Heart of Greed (2007)

    Heavenly Gods (2007)

    The Gem of Life (2007)

    Forensic Heroes 2 (2007 and 2008)


    TVB Miss Vancouver

    TVB Miss Vancouver Special


    Cosmo Slim

    TVB Miss Chinese International

    TVB Miss Chinese International Special

    Cosmetic Electrics

    Always Ready Sales Presentation

    New Earth's Wedding (with Ron Ng)

    Planters' Toothpaste

    TVB Christmas 2006

    Giving Blood Commercial

    The Bitter Bitten Sales Presentation

    Forensic Heroes Sales Presentation

    Marathon Sports


    Linda's Cottage - Only English Fan Site of Linda Chung: http://lindachung.ca/

    Linda Garden: http://linda-chung.net/

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    Her English name is Linda

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