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I hope im not turning Emo?

Ok im asking a dum question now but hope someone will read it. Here it goes.

I had this really wierd dream about this man with very pale skin and black blood stirped hair. He's in my dreams alot and he wants to kill me. so this is what he said " I'm gonna come out of here , and I'm going to kill you damn Lil girl!"

crazy I thought, but now im freaked out because I saw him in the atic and I dont know if its my imagaination or if its real, but I remember that when I was just a little girl like say 6 I had no friends and only my imagination.

I made my own friend his name was mark, and we did eveything together, but then on one night, I think I was crying because I accidently killed my dog and forgot about my friend after that I had new friends and was happyer than ever.

Now im having engxity attakes and cant get rid of them. now that I'm older I'v lets just say wanted to kill my self and listend to Evan Esans every night. What should I do!?

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    You need to seek professonal help.. It's okay to ask for help :) Hope things get better

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    1. Stop paying attention to labels such as "emo."

    2. Seriously try to get some help... know that you don't have to feel this way, and there are people who care and will help you.

    And your question isn't dumb. It's a good thing you asked. You have to let these things out. I read it, and I truly hope everything works out for you...

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